When will Apple ship a new all-in-one (AIO) Macintosh? A growing chorus of voices, from Marco Arment to sources in Asia, are saying the same thing — Fall. That said, if the 2012 iMac is indeed to ship in the Fall, then we should be seeing evidence of that in the supply chain with vendors ramping up part manufacturing.

DigiTimes, everybody’s favorite rumorological whipping boy, reports that iMac component production is indeed gearing up now. Additionally, the site is also saying that the Apple AIO will likely arrive in the market in October.

Apple pass plans to launch a new iMac, and, according to the supply chain, shipping in mass production since July, projected according to the shipping time, time to market is likely to fall in October; supply chain also revealed that Apple plans to the original retina significantly applied to the iPad… — Google translation

That last bit from the story lead (i.e. it’s a pay walled article) would seem to indicate that Apple plans to deliver the 2012 iMac, or perhaps one configuration, equipped with the company’s “revolutionary” Retina display. That contradicts an early whisper from Marco Arment that this year’s all-in-one update would arrive without a pixel-doubled display, as well as Retina-flavored doomsaying from Tapscape back in May.

2012 iMac Coming into Focus

knowledgeable sources says the 2012 iMac will arrive in october, but differ over whether or not a Retina Display Apple all-in-one model will be in the mix.

Who’s right? Perhaps both story lines will come true. Apple could deliver a four model spread of Ivy Bridge upgraded 2012 iMacs with USB 3, Thunderbolt and standard definition displays as well as a single Retina iMac configuration — just like Apple did with the MacBook Pro refresh.

Ready for a “resolutionary” Retina iMac?

  1. OCTOBeR!?!? So apple will be selling completely outdated iMacs with mountain lion? What has happened to this company!? It seems like they really have been enjoying jerking us die hard fans around as of late. How likely is it that this article is Mis informed? 🙁

  2. Why is Apple not coming clean with the refresh date on the iMac family, I am ready with all finances in place to replace my existing IMAC as it is 4 years old. I keep holding back as everyday I hear a new rumour – my sticking point is after saving to replace my IMAC and then I find out that from now to the end of the year they release the new model whether it is cosmetic or a bum refresh or even complete new model!!! this would make me very unhappy as you always want the best your money can buy and I would think you would have a new machine for 12 months or there a bouts before you see what your money could have bought.
    I say come Apple stop with the cloak and dagger and let everyone know?
    I think there are a few of us not buying because of the likelihood there is a new model just around the corner.

  3. Apple doesn’t care any more for serious computer users. They just wanna sell a trillion i-phones, they’re becoming something like Nokia. I was saving for the new high end imac but I’m gonna get a PC, after all Apple has been quite disrespectful to the people that have given them small fortunes.

  4. If you did the pixel doubling for the iMac you’re looking at 3840×2080 pixel for the low end and 5120×2880 for the high. What GPUs can push that kind of pixel density? The 6970 in the last generation could barely handle 2560×1440, the 10-15% generational improvement to the 7970 isn’t going to cut it. The 10-15% again to the as yet unreleased 8970 isn’t going to do it, the 680M isn’t much better when we’re talking 400% more pixels.

    Short of going with a multi-GPU setup you can’t do it, and these are 240w parts we’re talking about so putting multiples in a single heat constrained space isn’t really possible. Also the new IvyBridge Core i7 is strained doing all the matrix conversions to offload from the GPU so there isn’t enough free compute available either.

    Apple does wonderful things with engineering so you can never really rule these things out, but Retina iMac’s are a few hardware generations away. The glass isn’t the issue here,that’s easy… If they do this it will be a significant performance step back in every way just to support a screen that is already very good.

    So rumor sites, keep dreaming about huge retina displays and focus on telling me when the relatively minor refresh of the iMac finally comes along.

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