If you are new to online business or are thinking of starting one, using social media as a marketing tool is a great place to start. However, most people don’t have a clue and far worse are using social media the wrong way to sell their products or services.

You might think that we will be talking about technicalities, like what and how to post, what you should learn about emoji guide in making captions. Nope. Let’s talk about the 3 biggest mistakes that people make when selling online and how to avoid them. These three important areas are what you need to be focusing on improving your sales on social media.

Not having a clear accustomed journey established

What are the elements, strategies, and entry points in building a relationship with people? How will you generate traffic? Are you using organic or paid strategies to build that audience? From that audience, what are your strategies to generate leads from that traffic?

From those leads, what is your sales process on how to onboard those leads to potentially buy and interact with your product/service? So a few things to consider first to help paint this picture.

Make a list of what you sell and how to make people go buying your product/service that you sell. What do you want them to do? Make a clear sales funnel according to your goal. Do you simply want visitors or product purchases? Are you looking for leads or affiliates? Whatever your goal is, make sure that your customer can go through that funnel without hassle.

If you want them to attend a seminar or book an appointment with you, establish clear leads and what action do you want those traffic members to do. It allows you to see the whole layout in front of you. It will enable you to say what is really working and what is not.

You can tweak and change things depending on what it is that you are trying to sell. And also what is performing well and what is not performing so well that you can change your strategies.

Trying to sell your products and services in the wrong ecosystem

99% of the people that attempt to build a business, experience this. They consider their social media friends as their only network to sell. It doesn’t necessarily make them a qualified prospect that can interact with your product or service. You may have someone that you know, like your friends, family that supports you.

What you can do is to do an experimental phase with your social network. Test out if your product or services receive positive feedback. From their reviews, you will most likely get a clear picture of how it will do in a larger market. 

While moving progress and creating a brand new ecosystem of people that are looking, interested, and need your product/service. People are posting consistently in the wrong ecosystem. Post appropriate content in front of the proper ecosystem.

How to create the right ecosystem? You shouldn’t delete everyone that you’re friends with on social media. You can still be friends with people and highly encourage that. Regardless of whether they support or not, you should still respect and treat them no matter what.

Because the relationship must always come before the business transaction. Don’t just see your friends as dollar figures. However, we should have a network within social media that are interested in your product and the content surrounding that. Create platforms that are focusing on the target market, building the appropriate ecosystem.

People not respecting human behavior

Regardless of whether you sell something online or offline, your behavior needs to be congruent in both areas. Understand that people buy from you because they like and trust you. You have to focus on the content that you are providing within that appropriate ecosystem. That you want to reduce tension while increasing curiosity.

And you do that through the type of content, and your audience is going to be aware of the problems that you solve. They’re going to be able to establish whether they have those types of issues. And they’re going to see you with someone credible, willing, and ready to help them with your product or service.

Make sure that the sales process creates someone interacting with you and is more interested in learning about your business. Make sure that the process is ethical and has the best interest for that customer. Send them in the direction of something that they are interested in.


Invest in sales books and sales courses, especially courses on social media and digital marketing. Online selling has completely different aspects compared to traditional offline marketing. This can save you headaches down the road and minimize mistakes as much as possible.

Don’t just learn the skills of selling, also check and improve your mindset around sales because that is usually what holds people back in earning big.  Most people have a negative mindset about sales. And that is where a lot of the problems lie. So don’t just learn the skills in selling, also learn the mindset.

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