3 Most Powerful Smartphones of 2020

Everyone has their own definition of a perfect smartphone. But generally, what contributes to a perfect smartphone is its ability to capture astounding photos, the ability to last all day long, and its ability to multitask from one application to another without crashing. Here we will tackle the top 3 most powerful top-tier smartphones for the year 2020.


Upon its design, the iPhone 11 looks identical to the iPhone X. However, compared to the previous iPhones, iPhone 11 has an improved rear camera that can take incredible night mode low-light shots perfect for photos in the dark. It also comes with an ultra-wide-angle lens that allows you to take expansive shorts. It has everything you need, at a lesser cost compared to the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Moreover, Apple has upgraded the iPhone 11’s front camera to a 12-megapixel sensor, from its previously 7-megapixel sensor. This upgrade boosts the overall performance of the Face ID feature of the smartphone. And not to mention, iPhone 11 is designed to have more battery life compared with the previous iPhones. Indeed, Apple never disappoints with their chart-topping upgrades.


iOS 13 64/128/256 GB storage12MP wide-angle camera194g and 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm

Reasons to purchase:

ultrafast quality audio water-resistant long battery life lovely built and design


The OnePlus 8 Pro boasts its excellent AMOLED display that brings a promising and color-rich smartphone experience. This smartphone allows smooth scrolling from one application to another, with its subtle frames. Its processor called the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, as well as its LPDDR5 RAM allows seamless browsing and gaming.

This smartphone is popularly known as the “affordable flagship” option among the smartphone industry. With its quality screen display made possible by the HDR10+ support, QHD resolution, and 120Hz refresh rate, this phone is definitely worth the bucks.


Android 10 8GB/12GB ram256 GB storage16MP front camera48MP + 8MP = 5Mp rear camera

Reasons to purchase:

fast internal hardware next-generation 5G connectivity great ergonomics and stylish design astounding QHD+, 120Hz, and HDR10+ screen


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra ranks 3rd among the best and most powerful smartphone for the year 2020. This smartphone is designed with a 108MP camera that allows 100x zooming, and a 6.9in QHD+ display which is technically the same size as a tablet–which makes it quite difficult to place in the pocket.

Furthermore, this smartphone features a top of the line processor called Exynos 990 that comes with a 12 or 16GB RAM. Above else, the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s battery life can extend up to 42 hours of usage and would take 70 minutes of charging. Its performance and overall usage are practically smooth, without any interruptions.


Android 1012GB/16GB ram128/256/512GB storage40MP + 40MP front camera Exynos 990 / Snapdragon 865 108MP + 48MP + 12MP + 0.3MP rear camera

Reasons to purchase:

world-class internal hardware feature-packed and versatile camera ultra-smooth and huge 120Hz screen

In Conclusion

In this fast-paced and technology-oriented generation, smartphone companies never fail to surprise us with their new and innovative features. Upgrading your current phone with these top of the notched smartphone is a good deal if you’re willing to spend some bucks for a top-tier premium quality smartphones.

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