3 Reasons to Choose VPS for Your Web Hosting Needs

VPS, or virtual private server is quickly becoming the preferred hosting solution for small and mid-sized businesses, as well as web owners and enterprises that require a cloud host. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider VPS Thailand for your hosting needs.

Dedicated Server Features at a Lower Cost

A top-rated Thai VPS can act as a dedicated server as they both share similar benefits and functionality. A dedicated server includes an entire physical server, which allows you to install any hardware and operating system as you wish.

VPS tops dedicated server hosting in the price department, though. It’s much more cost-effective than dedicated servers since the hardware is shared by other customers, but you only pay for your ‘share’. It’s a pooled resource for upgrading hardware, maintenance and similar aspects.

Fewer Limits and Greater Stability

VPS offers greater flexibility as they’re inherently more customizable than other hosting types. With shared servers you won’t get as much say as compared to VPS, which can prove to be useful in the long run (and as your business grows).

Shared hosting has its problems, with load being spread on all customers, among others. You can experience greater site stability and performance with a VPS in Thailand and still enjoy the perks associated with it.

Scalable and Flexible

VPS acts as the middle ground in shared hosting and dedicated hosting, but nearly none of the disadvantages associated with either.

You can change your hosting aspects as needed and depending on how your company or website is performing. VPS lets you scale as you grow, and even add features into the mix the moment you realize you need them.

This level of flexibility and scalability can be found in a dedicated server, which is the most expensive type of hosting. With VPS, this level of function becomes more affordable.