3 Simple Rules Successful Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Live By

It’s undeniable that ecommerce is the future for businesses small and large alike.In 2019, an estimated 14.1% of all retail sales were made online, generating $3.5 trillion in revenue. Twenty five percent of all Americans shop online at least once a month, and it is projected that by the year 2040, 95% of all purchases made will be done through ecommerce.

Any business that hasn’t yet taken its operation online is missing out on a steadily growing platform that is expected to continue to attract more customers. However, it takes more than a quality product to make it in the competitive ecommerce space.Business owners should be prepared to take on new challenges if they want to be effective in the digital age. Below are a few insights from the ones that have already made it:3 simple rules that successful ecommerce entrepreneurs live by.

Rule #1: Good, Simple Design Goes a Long Way

Your website acts as your storefront in the digital space, and it’s worth spending a bit of money to make sure that it looks good. However, you won’t want to stop at pretty and well-designed. Your website is the primary platform where customers can interact with your business, so you’ll want every aspect of it to function as it should. It should be prepared well in advance of periods when high traffic is expected and safeguarded against crashes.

In general, keeping your website clean, uncluttered, and free of distractions will only do you favors. Choose colors that aren’t hard on the eyes and stick to fonts that are legible and easily read. You’ll also want to keep testing every function of your site to make sure that everything is working—nothing deters a sale more than a “Page not found” error. Other useful touches can include a comprehensive sorting and filtering system, autocomplete in the search bar, and wayfinding features that can help customers locate the products they want.

Rule #2: For More Efficient Order Fulfillment, Look to a Professional

One of the things that can quickly grow out of an online business owner’s control is order fulfillment. Experts recommend shifting the responsibility of picking, packing and shipping customer orders to a third party as soon as it is viable to do so.Ecommerce fulfillment service providers in the USA are also able to file and keep track of the number of orders coming in, take inventory, and give you access to deals and discounts with shipping and transport providers.

Another trick that experienced ecommerce entrepreneurs often employ is offering free shipping, but it is a tactic that can seriously take a chunk out ofyour profits if you aren’t careful. To combat this, experienced ecommerce retailers put their products in strategically-located warehouses owned by third-party fulfillment services that allow them to cast a wider net, reach more customers all across the country, and provide free shipping without the feature costing them too much.

Rule #3: Get to Know Your Customer Base

Ecommerce Personalization refers to the industry practice of creating individualized interactions and experiences for a customer by exposing them to media, content, and product recommendations based on information they have previously provided, as well as their browsing habits. Done right, it can increase product sales and customer engagement with your ecommerce site while increasing trust and fostering loyalty, even if the buyer and the seller never interact in person.

Effective ecommerce entrepreneurs know the value of getting to know their customer base and know that the key to retaining their business is rewarding them for choosing to shop with them. Offering loyal customers perks and discounts make them feel important and valued, thus encouraging their continued patronage.

To succeed as an online entrepreneur, one must be open to new ideas and willing to embrace change. The industry is constantly evolving, and it can be a challenge to keep up with—but the above tips are tried, tested and true. Apply them to your website today!