3D printed case can easily run Android on an iPhone 6 Plus

When Apple’s iPhone was hacked to run Android, the company introduced some serious counter measures that would prevent it from happening again. Android might be able to run a variety of custom ROMs, but iOS is completely different. While people thought that an iPhone could not be hacked to run Android anymore, in comes a wunderkind called Lee and presents the public with a 3D printed case that is able to run Android on an iPhone 6 Plus.

While the software runs on a previous flagship iPhone, Lee has shown that it is possible. So how does the process of running Android on an iPhone 6 Plus work through a 3D printed case? Well, turns out that an app is initially started on an iPhone, and after that, the smartphone is then placed into the 3D printed case. The case in turn connects to the iPhone 6 Plus via Lightning cable, after which Android instantly boots up.

If you take a look in the video below, performance is not going to be strongest characteristic of this project and we cannot really say where the blame lies. Despite featuring just two processing cores, Apple’s A8 chipset is quite a powerhouse, so it is possible that lack of software optimization is forcing the Android OS to perform sluggishly. There will obviously be some changes being introduced that will force the software to run faster, but Lee has proven to the world that it is indeed possible.

We’re actually wondering why Lee didn’t bother attempting to run the software on an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. Perhaps Apple’s latest generation hardware prevents different software from running on it, but we’re still excited to see a similar project is released for these two phones.