4 Applications of Automatic Case Erectors

For business owners in the manufacturing industry, new technologies have been introduced over the past few years that are specifically geared towards increasing both productivity and efficiency. Among the most popular and pragmatic pieces of equipment are automatic case erectors, which have quickly become an industry standard for packaging, shipping, and increasing seamless workflow. Here, we will look at four applications of automatic case erectors, demonstrating its versatility and wide range of potential for your own company.

1. The perfect hardware for packaging needs.

Uniquely designed as a mechanical “box maker,” a case erector removes the guesswork and potential for human error by creating a cardboard box in seconds. As basic a function as this may seem, keep in mind that one of the best features of such a machine is that it is also an automatic case former and case sealer, meaning that every box created at your pack station is uniform in size, shape, and accuracy. No matter what your company’s production line creates, the cardboard boxes made for packing them up are always durable and perfect. Not only does this decrease your overall labor costs, but it immediately increases your turnaround time and volume.

2. Ideal equipment for all your shipping needs.

Also known as a carton erector, an automatic case erector also works for your team as the ultimate tool for processing and shipping. By applying the machine for your packaging needs, the bottom flaps of each created cardboard box are also programmed to the size and shape that your clients require for their shipping needs, as well as those dictated by your distributor and carting company. In addition, a case erector can use both new materials, recycled materials, and used boxes, yet crafts new boxes with the integrity that will hold up to shipping. This design eliminates the risk of damaged parcels and products.

3. Saving on time and increasing workflow.

As stated above, the practicality of an automated means of case erection also works to save on labor costs while increasing efficiency and overall productivity. While a human employee takes about half a minute to assemble a box needed for packing, prepare it for loading, and seal it up for shipping, automatic case formers can do the same work in less than 10 seconds. This equals an approximate 540 boxes made in only one hour of work! While some people may fear the loss of jobs with such a switch to automated service, the fact is that this actually frees up your team’s time to focus on product quality control and an increased number of products made without the time needed to act as both a case packer and package sealer. A smaller pack station also creates more valuable floor space within your manufacturing facility for additional employees and equipment, all while saving on money and time.

4. A cost efficient way to lower environmental impact.

An automated case erector is unique in that its industrial-grade cardboard box output is always crafted with the highest integrity needed for a durable carton ready for shipping. However, the machine itself doesn’t require new, raw materials in order to actually make those boxes. Because the automated machine can work just was efficiently with recycled cardboard materials and previously-used boxes, its small footprint is significantly better for the environment than traditional means of boxing and shipping.

In addition, as the boxes created by your automated case erector are uniform in their construction, more boxes can be fit into cargo trucks and other vehicles. This also equals larger loads and less travel for delivery. In effect, by installing an automated box erector into your team’s regular manufacturing process, you’re also benefitting the environment. In every regard, such an innovative and cost-efficient piece of equipment can instantly become the ideal addition to your business’ team.