4 Benefits of Steam Cleaning for Carpets

Steam cleaning has been around for years, but not all carpet owners understand how it’s different from regular soap and water.

Professional carpet cleaners will tell you that steam carpet cleaning offers these 4 benefits.

Longer Carpet Life

Advancements in carpet material and technology make today’s carpets more resistant to wearing out. It’s recommended that you do deep cleaning every year and before it gets permanently soiled.

Steam cleaning is aligned with deep cleaning. A professional carpet cleaner will have the necessary equipment and tools to ensure a beautiful clean and a new-like carpet each and every time.

Eliminate Mold at the Source

Mold is a destructive and unsightly component that shouldn’t be allowed to grow and fester, as it produces allergens and lowers air quality in your home.

The source of carpet mold is moisture, something that a professional carpet cleaning can bring. In cases where you need to dry a carpet quickly then you should definitely consider steam carpet cleaning.

Kills Dust Mites and Remove Pollutants

Carpet owners should regularly schedule carpet cleaning to ensure it won’t hold pollutants such as foreign particles, lead, dead bugs and VOCs like cigarette smoke, paint and others.

Then there’s the matter of dust mites, which can cause havoc for you and your family. Left unchecked, they can cause allergies and lead to poor indoor air quality.

Steam cleaning is the preferred method for most carpet cleaners since it kills dust mites and removes the aforementioned pollutants. Afterwards, you’re left with a clean carpet that’s free of unwanted organisms and compounds.

Renew Your Carpet

It’s an absolute joy to walk on or use a newly steamed carpet. The fibers are refreshed and it’s completely free of VOCs, allergens, dust mites and harmful organisms.

With regular carpet cleaning you can make your carpet renewed and restored to its former glory.