4 Best Side Activities When Playing Online Games

Having fun playing through the top 10 soccer websites but have enough attention to add one more? Side activities are great as they allow you to multitask, or do two things at once for the ultimate in productivity. When you’re in the mood to multitask, check out these four side activities you can do.

Voice Chat through the Internet

To set up voice chat, all you need is an app, a headset or similar audio device, and your phone. Connect to wi-fi, then call a friend and you can get the ball rolling. Most social media platforms such as Facebook have built-in voice chats so you can just choose from the list and get started.

Listen to Music

Playing music in the background serves as a mental stimulant and relaxing technique. Depending on what you need, you can crank up the volume to get energized or try some soothing music so you can de-stress while enjoying your favorite video game. Furthermore, you can listen through your headphones, earbuds, or a Bluetooth speaker.

Quick Snacks

Snacks can be useful if you’re planning long gaming sessions with friends. It’s recommended that you choose healthy alternatives instead of junk food so you can sustain your energy and not experience a sugar crash. Don’t forget to have plenty of liquids such as juice or water on hand so you can hydrate and keep your focus.

Radio Station or News

Last but not least, you can open the radio app on your smartphone (if it has) and listen to music played by a DJ. Similarly, a news channel on the TV will do the same thing. The benefits of this activity are many- you get to catch up on current events and have a welcome noise in the background.