4 Tips to Improve Typing Accuracy & Speed

Typing has become an essential skill in the age of computers, mobile apps and the internet. It’s a necessity if you want to get and keep a modern job.

Instead of typing a report, blog post or content using two fingers, here are 4 tips on how you can improve your typing accuracy and speed.

Place Your Fingers at the Correct Position

If you’ve ever taken a typing class you’ll find that eight of your fingers are supposed to ‘rest’ on specific keys. This way, you’ll have the reach and efficiency needed to type at 50+ words per minute.

This convention is meant so you can be familiar with the keyboard. It’s a beginner’s mistake to not do this, and the more you try the better you’ll be.

Don’t Look Down

It’s tempting to continue with the ‘hunt and peck’ style, where you locate the keys and press them one at a time. However, it’s inefficient and you’ll take longer than usual.

Try to find the keys while looking at the computer screen, website or word document while typing so you’ll get a feel for when the keys are. This helps improve muscle memory and you can work twice as fast once you get used to it.

Good Posture is Important, Too

Remember to keep a good posture while sitting down or typing in front of a computer, especially during long periods of time. Get a straight-backed chair or type on a table so your back won’t hurt afterwards.

Practice Makes Perfect

Mastering typing takes a lot of time and patience. However, once you learn how to type with the correct methods, e.g., finger placement, not looking down, posture you can keep on improving your skills to be fast and accurate.

Try out free typing lessons for beginners and get a feel for it. It’s one of the best ways to improve this invaluable skill.

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