A mere few days ago we reported the launch of Popcap’s “experimental” label— 4th and Battery.  The spinoff studio announced its first title, Unpleasant Horse, in the same press release. According to a Tweet by the new-fangled studio, Unpleasant Horse is a little too unpleasant for the app store.

Unpleasant Horse, a game that looked to “feature the titular unpleasant horse, who sports wings and advances through the levels by destroying birds and landing on top of other horses, sending them into a perpetual meat grinder below for points and special bonuses” was supposed to launch for free sometime in April.  Apple rejected the application almost immeditely because of mature content.

A bit harsh?  Maybe. Why not just slap a 17+ rating on the application and call it a day?  Regardless, 4th and Battery has attempted to calm enthusiasts with a followup tweet.

While no official statements have been made by Popcap or 4th and Battery the dev’s tweet is certainly clear… even if the fate of Unpleasant Horse is not.

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