5 Best Games to Play on Your iPhone

The iPhone is a legitimate gaming device, with the App Store containing thousands of unique games. If you’re lucky enough to have one and want to give mobile games a try, check out these 5 suggestions.

Casino Games

Online casino games are available on both the App Store and via Safari browser. They’re a good way to spend an afternoon or evening, and if you’re lucky you can earn some cash along the way.

SA Gaming is a good platform to start for iPhone owners. There are several games you can try, and they’re enjoyable and fun too.

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is Apple’s gaming service- you pay a flat rate each month and gain access to hundreds of games, all without ads and in-app purchases.

Apple Arcade is exclusive to iOS, which means it’s not available on the Android platform.

Marvel Future Revolution

MFR was only released in August but it gained a massive user base in such a short time. It’s a technological achievement as the quality is similar to a console’s and there’s plenty of content to play through.

Pokemon Unite

Another relatively new iPhone game, Pokemon Unite is a MOBA game where the objective is to take down the enemy base with your team.

In true Pokemon fashion, you can choose your avatar and take down mobs and opponents using special moves. The great thing about Pokemon Unite is that it’s free to play and cross-platform, which means you can play with other people even if they’re playing on a Nintendo Switch or Android phone.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter has been around for a few years but it’s still enjoyable to play. Here, you build rooms to put settlers in and manage them. The objective is to survive, maintain a settler population and explore the wasteland. Though it sounds simple, the gameplay is deep and there is plenty of depth, content-wise.