Putting aside all the issues with the current pricing of iPad magazines, these 5 brands show just why the iPad is revolutionizing the way we consume media.

1) Wired – $4.99 per issue

Easily the most successful magazine on iPad to date, Wired is an example of what magazines for the iPad should be. Its beautiful high-resolution pages are both easy to read and easy to navigate.

You can view the magazine in traditional portrait orientation, or you can simply rotate the device if you want to switch to landscape. There’s also scroll bar at the bottom of the screen where you can flick through stories in ‘cover flow’ style.

The June edition of Wired comes with a whole bunch of extra iPad-only content including slideshows, extra pics and a number of videos (partially contributing to the hefty 500mb download). Unfortunately, the videos open in a new window and must be closed to jump back to the magazine. Embedded videos a la Harry Potter would be great to see in future issues.

2) Popular Science – $4.99 per issue ($2.99 for back issues)

Popular Science was the first magazine to be released for iPad, and while not as technically inspiring as Wired, it’s still a solid example of a successful transition of content from print to digital.

A great resource for keeping up-to-date with the lighter side of science and technology, the iPad edition of Popular Science has all the content of the print issue but as yet, there doesn’t appear to be any iPad-only extras.

3) GQ – $4.99 per issue

GQ was one of the first magazines to launch an iPhone app edition of this popular mens monthly, and Conde Nast has followed suit by bringing GQ Magazine to iPad. While providing some extra content you won’t find in print, GQ doesn’t yet manage to push the boundaries in terms of creating a unique or interactive experience. It does however still has that glossy look and feel, and is a lot easier to read and navigate than its iPhone counterpart.

When you download GQ you get the current edition and the GQ “library” which provides you with one place to go to access all your issues of GQ, as well as make in-app purchases for new and previous issues.

4) Vanity Fair – $4.99 per issue

Another publication from Conde Nast, Vanity Fair Magazine for iPad is essentially a digital replica of the print edition.

Vanity Fair is famous for their in-depth interviews and profiles on the worlds most interesting people, and the content looks great on the iPad. Everything is much more readable and natural to navigate than the iPhone version, but it can still feel like you’re reading a PDF at times. There are some extras bundled with the Vanity Fair app, including photo out-takes and video.

5) TIME Magazine – $4.99 per issue

The iPad edition of TIME Magazine mirrors the content of the weekly print publication, with some extra exclusive content including photos and video.

A trusted source of news and editorial, TIME offers iPad users an enticing, but expensive, way to read one of the worlds most popular current affairs magazines. TIME have stated that a subscription service will be introduced some time this year, but the magazine is currently only available for purchase on a per-issue basis.