5 Most Common Types of Games to Play on the Web

The internet is a huge resource for games. It doesn’t have just one type- there’s a wide variety for you to enjoy.

Here are 5 of the most common kinds of games you can play on the web:

Casino Games

Casino games have evolved from being brick and mortar-only to seeing some action online. Companies have done an excellent job porting over classic card games to the world wide web and making it more accessible to gambling enthusiasts.

Nowadays you can play titles such as Poker and Casino JUAD888 using a web browser. You won’t need a super speedy internet- just a stable one so you won’t get disconnected when you’re about to win.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games, often called ‘puzzlers’ encompass both old and new titles. You can play traditional ones such as jigsaw or newer varieties, such as match three titles.

The good thing about puzzle games is that they stimulate the mind and let you think strategically. They engage the brain and are fun, to boot.

Massively Multiplayer Online

MMOs usually meant role playing games in the last few decades, but now it has evolved to shooters, free for all and battle royale off-shoots.

The term ‘massively multiplayer’ describes dozens, or even hundreds of people playing and interacting with each other in the game world. It can be competitive, e.g., last man standing or cooperative, e.g., defeating a raid boss.

Casual Games

Casual games are some of the simplest types of games out there on the web, but they also have the potential to be the most addictive. Most beginners can start their gaming journey here so they can enjoy what the genre has to offer without being too intimidated.

Educational Games

Games teach hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking. However, there are educational titles that teach fundamentals, such as the alphabet, colors and geography, among others.