5 Must-Have Gaming Tech in 2024

Gamers from all walks of life should be excited for what’s to come this year. To improve the experience or gain new ones, here are five must-have tech products you should consider buying.

Mixed Reality Headset

The mixed reality headset shows no signs of slowing down, with major brands such as Apple launching the Vision Pro this year. Before that are other gaming-related headsets that allow the user to have a large screen projected right in front of their eyes. Immersion takes a whole new level when you’re playing your favorite UFA350 game on a 100-inch display.

The Latest Handheld or Game Console

Nowadays gamers have more freedom to choose their preferred genre, game, and hardware. There’s the computer, the gaming console, the handhelds, and the display hardware and sound. Those who want the best and latest console experience will likely lean towards the best hardware like the PS5 for a peek at next-gen gameplay.

Game Controllers

Game controllers are no longer tied to their respective brands, which means you can have a PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller connected to your gaming laptop, or a Microsoft-created hardware on your iPad or iPhone. Aside from providing excellent tactile feedback, the latest gaming controllers will have features such as gyroscope, force feedback, and more.

Big OLED Display

OLED screens make a world of difference when you’re playing video games. That said, it’s a great idea to upgrade to a better display or TV so you can experience the detail and rich colors the technology has to offer.

Power Bank

Lastly, you shouldn’t get caught with a gaming device that has run out of juice. To fix this, all you need is a proper power bank that has the capacity to charge your devices to 100% one or two times and is light enough to carry around in your bag.