5 Powerful Learning Strategies for Students

Sometimes studying can be distracting and you might not be able to study at all. So, these learning strategies will help you to learn easily.

You know everyone tells you to study but nobody ever told us how to study and what are the ways which you can study. The reason that you need to focus on your learning strategy is to apply the strategy and learn things in new way which will help you in understanding things easily and quickly. All these things will help you in getting good grades in exams which in turn help you secure scholarships like Benjy Grinberg etc. As a student I can say that I have used some of these strategies myself and it worked out perfectly for me. So, without further ado let’s get right into the article and learn some strategies for learning.

Some of the powerful learning strategies for students are as follows:

1. Spaced Practice

Most of the students study a night before their exam or a few days before exam. But after the exams are finished, they forget most of the information which they have learned.

This strategy I have used before as a student. You can study in chunks, like if you have free time then study a small topic or topic which you can learn in that time period. You can study for an hour every day in chunks so you will learn the topic and you will also not forget it after exam.

This method is really affective than studying a day before your exams. Try this one out and see if it helps you the same as it did me.

2. Retrieval Practice

You can’t just re-read the notes or other study material, and you will just remember what you have studied. What I personally do is, apart from the class notes I make notes of my own with some key words which helps me to revise and remember easily what I have studied.

Writing your own notes can be helpful in retrieving your memory about what you have studied. You can even remember the topic with an example related to it. This way you can easily retrieve your memory of the topic with the help of that example.

3. Elaboration

Another thing you can do is to explain the topic you have studied in detail even if it’s beyond the length of the topic. This will help you to understand how much you know about that particular topic.

What I do is I would read the whole topic first; I try to understand he topic. Once I fully understand what the topic is, it is easy for you to explain that topic in detail. I used to do this in my school when I had to remember long questions. Also, with the help of keywords you can elaborate your topic more with your own words.

One of my teachers taught me this method of learning actually.

4. Interleaving

You know if you keep studying one subject for a long time then you will be bored and you will not learn it properly. So, what you can do is switch between the ideas while you study.

For example, study a hard subject for an hour. Take a 10-15-minute break after that. Then study an easy subject for an hour. So, you can switch the subjects, so you will not be bored while studying the same thing.

5. Concrete Examples

As I mentioned before, associate the topic which you are studying with an example related to it. This will be help you to understand the theory into practice and help you learn easily.

Some of my subjects have my topics with examples of it. So, it becomes easy to study those topic as well as easy to remember them with the help of the examples.

These were my top 5 powerful learning strategies for the students. These strategies have helped me so far. Hope it does the same for you as well while you have using these to help you study. Hope this article was helpful for you.