5 Simple Yet Essential Gadgets for a Connected Home

Maximize your new The Myst condo living by setting up a connected home. With smart automation, you’ll be able to control various gadgets and appliances in your home without having to get up from the bed or the couch. Here are five suggestions so you can get started.

Smart Lights

Smart lights are unlike ordinary bulbs in that they’re more useful and have more features. While connected to a home wi-fi network, you can control them via an app and change either the color or brightness (if supported).

Smart Assistant

You’ll need a central command hub for all your smart gadgets. Having a smart assistant display or speaker is the solution- you can ask it to turn off your smart lights, play a song to a connected speaker, or start making a cup of coffee, to name a few. In a condo like The Myst, a smart assistant can prove to be very helpful in managing manual home tasks.


Upgrade to a smart thermostat and you can program your AC to lower or raise the temperature during certain times of day. Convenience-wise, you can also turn the AC on when you’re a few minutes away from your condo so it’s nice and cool when you arrive.

A Computer

This might seem obvious, but having a computer or laptop on the ready can make a connected home move faster. It eliminates the instances of having to open an app or software to control your smart devices. A computer can serve in a pinch if you don’t have a smart assistant or display.

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs can replace traditional wall sockets and effectively transform any appliance into a smart version of itself. Granted, you’ll be limited to shutting it off or turning it on, but doing so can save you a good deal in electricity bills.