5 Steps in Creating Effective LinkedIn Ads for Business

Creating and maintaining the best professional imaging and networking score within your industry via social media is only possible on LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers access to over 430 million people, including executives and leaders of fortune 500 companies, and more. 

So, how do you get the best out of this platform and find your ideal audience? The answer is simple – targeted ads! You can leverage the vast reach and reputation of LinkedIn by sending sponsored and customized messages to a cross-section of the audience. 

You can either hire LinkedIn ads consultants ( https://getuplead.com/linkedin-advertising-agency/expert/)  to do this for you or follow the hacks in this article to generate leads, boost website traffic, and improve your brand awareness on LinkedIn, all by yourself. 

Types of LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads come in different forms and sizes. You can choose from dynamic ads, display ads, or text ads. Others include sponsored content and even sponsored InMail ads. If you are new to this, it is best to start with text ads – they are the easiest. All you have to do is put a short text together and include a small image if you want to. These texts come up on the top or right side of the screen when your target users access LinkedIn. LinkedIn has made display ads its standard visual ads, and this is why you find them on the right side of the main content. 

You can also find dynamic ads in a similar spot as display ads. The only difference is that the former adapts the user’s profile information to create ads customized for only that user. Here is an example -a dynamic ad may be designed to inform users that a connection on their list followed a company or joined a group on LinkedIn. Conversely, sponsored content comes up only in the regular feeds of the users. Therefore, they are ideal for content promotion on LinkedIn profiles or other hotspots online. 

A combination of personalized ads and sponsored InMail is even more effective. Marketers are empowered to send personalized messages to their target audience using sponsored InMail. The open rates are impressive, considering the messages only come in when the targeted user is online. 

So, in this article, we will discuss five proven hacks you can follow in creating a LinkedIn ad campaign for your business that resonates with your marketing goals. This works for all industries and businesses. 

Step 1 – Show that you are an expert. 

Everybody watches out for how strong your ad copy is. So, when writing the copy, ensure it is effective enough to strike the right chords. In addition, your copy should demonstrate your knowledge and experience. This is why you should avoid jargon and industry vocabulary that is often difficult to understand. 

Accessible content written in a simple but compelling language will tell your target audience about your expertise and drive home your points.

Step 2 – Ads Targeting

A larger percentage of online marketers (up to 71%) rely on LinkedIn for their business. This points to only one fact – the competition is fierce. Therefore, you must target the right people to increase your chances of getting your brand message out effectively. LinkedIn allows you to target your audience using various criteria. For example, you can target based on age, gender, location, skills, job type, industry, company, and even groups. 

It is also recommended that you create ads specifically for your targeted audience rather than adopt a one cap fits all approach. You can expect most of your target audience to come on LinkedIn weekly, so use this information to maximize your targeting efforts. 

Step 3 – An image is always important. 

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn prioritizes high-quality images when ranking ads. Therefore, a LinkedIn ad with a relevant image will most likely record a higher engagement (up to 150%) than ads without images. In essence, you can get your audience to engage your ads if there is a picture in them. 

However, ensure the chosen image is relevant and fits conveniently into your ads. You don’t want an image that distorts the original theme of your ads. 

Step 4 – Do not get stuck on an option.

Another beauty of LinkedIn ads is that you can try several options. While the platform advises users to create not less than three campaign ads, you can go ahead to set up 15 varying ads. 

Why create multiple ads? First, it means you can compare the versions and see which one outperforms the others. Based on these findings, you can see which method is most effective when setting up ads. Secondly, LinkedIn automatically displays ads with the highest click-through rates. Finally, if you find any ads performing below expectations, you can pause them and retain those performing as expected. 

Step 5 – Smart Budgeting

You can either set a daily budget or place bids for your ads. The daily ad budget is the amount you want to spend on your ad every day. On the other hand, the bid you set determines how often your ads will show up on users’ screens. There is always an auction when a user visits a LinkedIn page. The ads with the highest bid end up showing on the screen. 

You will probably spend more on in-demand audiences. But you can still maintain effective pricing using certain strategies without sacrificing the performance of your ads. 


LinkedIn is one social media platform designed for professionals. It also allows targeted ads, provided you have an audience of interest. As a marketer, you can use LinkedIn to run targeted ads with more precision. It also allows testing and monitoring multiple campaigns at once. You can rest assured of getting the best out of your LinkedIn ad campaigns if you integrate the hacks offered above.