5 Storage Ideas to Restore Order to Your Arts & Crafts Supplies

Creative minds can be chaotic most of the time. A neverending tangle of creative ideas flows inside your brain, and all that is beautiful, but when that chaos moves from your thoughts to your crafting space, it’s a mess. That’s why you need to see these five storage ideas to restore order to your arts and crafts supplies.

Akro-Mils 44 Drawer Art Supply Organizer

The first craft cabinet in this list is a doozy. If your crafts hobby features a lot of small items like buttons and pins, or you just wanted to arrange your stuff by its color, then this drawer is what you’re looking for. This organizer from Akro-Mils has forty-four drawers of varying sizes to accommodate all your arts and crafts supplies.

It comes in a twenty-inch wide and sixteen-inch high, black, durable polystyrene plastic frame with drawers that go six inches deep. The organizer also comes with eight dividers for the small drawers and four for the bigger ones if you ever needed it. With its dimensions, you can put it on a tabletop, or if you have more stuff to organize, you can get another one since they’re stackable. If stacking is not your thing, the organizer can also be wall-mounted.

Winsome Halifax Art Supply Storage Cabinet

When choosing storage for your different craft items, one must always consider the said storage container’s adaptability. Questions like, “Is it easy to move?” and” Is it durable enough?” will come up eventually. The Winsome Halifax Storage Cabinet will surely answer those questions with satisfaction.

This art supply cabinet is mostly made of composite wood, which makes the cabinet light but hardy. Some metal parts are also used to ensure the inner mechanism of the drawers works without issue. The most interesting attribute of this one is its mobility. Attached to the cabinet’s bottom corners are wheels that can be removed if you decide to make it stationary.

ArtBin Store-In-Drawer Craft Organizer

If your work area or arts and crafts space doesn’t, well, have enough space for a bigger cabinet or drawer to keep your stuff in order, then this organizer is the perfect fit for your needs. The ArtBin Store-In-Drawer Organizer can easily be put on any table or shelf because of its size. With a width a little longer than a standard ruler, you won’t have trouble finding a place for it.

Along with its size, the drawer is also equipped to be wall-mounted or stacked with another of its kind to save more space. Aside from its small stature, the drawer also boasts a 30-drawer count, which means a lot of compartmentalizing can be done with your things. All the drawers are see-through, so you don’t have to open each one to find the right brush or color of thread you are looking for.

South Shore Crea Counter-Height Craft Cabinet With Table

Can you imagine a world where your crafting items aren’t out of reach from your work table? Let me tell you that that world is here. The South Shore Crea Craft Cabinet with Table is the ideal furniture for your arts and craft works space. Its height is one of its highlights since it lets you work comfortably while sitting or standing.

The table has multiple nooks and shelves where you can store your materials. There are five main pull-out drawers and various shelving space that can be adjusted to your liking. Since this item is not only a craft cabinet, the tabletop should be highlighted as well. The table is made out of laminated particleboard, which means it’s both scratch and waterproof. That’s especially helpful when you use sharp objects like needles and scissors for your crafts.

Sew Ready Craft Cabinet With Fold Out Table

This next storage cabinet is a big one. The Sew Ready Craft Cabinet with Foldout Table was initially designed to be a sewing space with added storage. You unfold the table and put the sewing machine on top. It has ample space, so significant arm movements for sewing won’t be hindered. And when you’re done, you just put the sewing machine back in the cabinet and fold the table to its original position.

If you don’t have any problems with the table being unfolded, you can permanently use it as a countertop for your office supplies or laptop. The cabinet itself has many compartments that vary in size for the top half and two big ones on the bottom. It also has a powder-coated steel frame making the cabinet durable and sturdy.


Knowing where your stuff is in a chaotic environment is extraordinary but unnecessary. By keeping your arts and crafts materials organized, looking for them won’t take much effort. Hopefully, you’ll take one of these storage ideas to restore order to your craft supplies.