5 Things to Do After Moving to a New Condo

The excitement that comes when moving to a new Parktown Residences is one of a kind, but after the boxes are moved and it’s time to settle down, here are five things you should do to turn the condo into a place you can call home.

Visualize the Space

The first step to arranging your home is to visualize the space you have in all rooms. This saves you time and effort having to move all the large furniture. You can start in any space, but it’s recommended that you prioritize the kitchen, dining area, and living room before moving on to the bedroom and bathroom.

Rest and Refresh

Moving to a new house or condo can be tiring, and you can take a 15-minute break to compose yourself and get some rest. Some coffee, tea, or your favorite beverage can work wonders on your energy level and mindset.

Take the View In

Living in a condo does have its perks, including a nice view of your surroundings at a high vantage point. Before resuming your day-to-day activities, it’s best to admire the scenery and remind yourself why you bought a unit.

Cleaning Time

Cleaning the floor, walls, and major surfaces, before you move the couch, bed, and major appliances is important. Have your cleaning tools handy, as well as high-tech items such as air purifiers, vacuums, and others ready. Don’t forget to clean the windows and the bathroom so you can settle in.

Check Out the Amenities

Once you’ve moved it’s time to explore the condo building and its surroundings. Check out the gym or swimming pool, and review the guidelines so you know what’s allowed and what’s not. Take a stroll at a nearby park and plan a trip to a close landmark, such as a mall or restaurant.