5 Thumb Rules to get a Better Price for your Used Car

The better the resale value you receive for your car, the lesser the depreciation value of the car. This also ensures that you receive a faster return on the investment. Before you look to sell cars in Sharjah; here are 5 quick and easy hacks to amp up the resale value of your vehicle.

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  1. Maintenance

A well tended to car demands a better resale figure. This is not something you can ignore and modify in the last minute, but it is the true nurturing and taking care of the vehicle over the period of the whole ownership course. This determines the condition and price of the car when you’re looking to sell cars in Abu Dhabi. You can get the engine flushed and cleaned before flipping the vehicle. Remember that plastic components are prone to drastic wear and tear and require replacements at regular periods. Another important factor is maintaining the history of service of the car. Used cars with good service records are known to fetch more money.

  1. Wax & shine

Even though you will not be selling a car in pristine condition, buffing the vehicle with car wax and shine will certainly give the car a new life. The buyer would obviously wish to purchase a car that look new even if it is not actually brand new. Get the car treated by vehicle care experts. They will jazz and spruce up the car by cleaning nooks and crannies, plastic components, tar marks but that could cost a pretty penny. You can also wax the vehicle on your own with high grade car wax to cut down the costs.

Regardless of all the polishing and waxing in the world, the vehicle may never get back its original colour and lustre, but at least it offers the seller to use it towards his own gain.

Pro tip: Whilst washing the car, experts advise against the use of detergents and dish soap. To preserve the car’s luxurious quotient, use the products that were created for the sole purpose of cleaning the vehicle.

Don’t forget to clean the engine bay prior to the showing of the vehicle to the potential buyer. Check for fuel and oil leaks from the engine which would require immediate attention/replacement.

  1. Clean the headlights

Nothing screams “worn out and old” like dull, yellow headlights. The headlamps of old cars can get murky over time, resulting in the vehicle looking dull. There are various headlamp cleaners available for sale with instructions to remove the grime from the headlamps to give it a fresh, new look. A cheap hack is to wipe toothpaste on the headlamps using a microfibre cloth. You can also opt for polish later to shine the lens of the headlamp. You can also get them polished by an experience professional at an affordable price.

  1. Clean the interiors

A thorough clean up of the interiors is of vital importance. You can vacuum the cabin of the vehicle. Clean the carpet, seats, floor mats, window glass. Make sure to clean the AC vents, the numerous switches and control panels. 

  1. Replace inexpensive spares

Cheap spare parts like interior lights, brake pads, and wipers, need to be replaced before selling the vehicle. This will not only take away the years of a car, it will also offer the car a new look in and out. Certain parts will also help the car perform better, whilst parts such as lights prove that all wirings are connected and working. Also, tighten any interior plastics or components that could have loosened over time. Minor dents, scratches and blemishes should also be tended to whilst getting the vehicle prepped for selling. This would fetch a better, promising offer price for the same car.

This also greatly reflects on the ability of the owner to maintain the vehicle with a good service record.

Ensure that the money that is spent on refurbishing the car is claimed when the vehicle in question is taken off your hands.