5 Trends in Custom Web Development in 2019 and Beyond

Web development best practices change rapidly. Often, businesses are not on track to putting into effect all these innovations. However, it’s important to focus on the trends, methods, and approaches that are just gaining popularity. Let’s talk about the latest trends in web development for this year and beyond.

Trend 1 – Voice Search

Today, the world is witnessing the beginning of the voice search era. Each phone is already equipped with a digital voice assistant (Siri for iPhone, Google Assistant for Android). Moreover, smart speakers with artificial intelligence are gaining in popularity. What is the reason for this popularity?

  • Ease of use – Voice communication is something we don’t need to learn. Thus, children and the elderly can interact with voice interfaces without any difficulties
  • Availability – Digital voice assistants have become a familiar function of the smartphone. Intellectual speakers are not yet so common, but the affordable price is a great prerequisite for expansion.

The introduction of voice search is now one of the main trends in e-commerce. However, this also applies to any other online business. If you want your web application to be found, optimize it to work with voice search as soon as possible. It is also recommended that you consider developing your own app for smart speakers. This will give you another channel to create a loyal audience and increase sales.

Trend 2 – Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence technologies, including machine learning, influence our behavior on the Internet, although this often happens unnoticed by us. This is the main point of machine learning (ML) – improving user interaction with the application.

Machine learning is the ability of software to increase efficiency without the direct participation of developers. In essence, the software analyzes incoming data, identifies patterns, makes decisions and improves its work. For example, Airbnb used machine learning to customize search results by potential guests to places of settlement. Using a specific algorithm, the company wanted to increase the likelihood that the homeowner will accept a request from a potential guest. Machine learning algorithms were supposed to analyze decisions about accepting requests from each owner. Using the results of such an analysis, the company was able to provide customers with search results that became more useful to them. As a result, all requests from Airbnb users are now processed in accordance with this algorithm, which increases customer satisfaction and revenue.

ML is becoming an important part of any web service. Analyze the behavior of your website visitors and customize the displayed content for them. They will never know that you are applying an algorithm, but they will be more satisfied with the content they see.

Trend 3 – Data Security

The more data your web application processes, the more it attracts the attention of cybercriminals. They seek to disrupt your services and steal your users’ data or inside information of the company. It can be costly for you and your reputation. The security of your web service should be your top priority. Here are some tips that can help you ensure data security.

  • Never neglect security testing – Security testing should be conducted as early as the design phase so that it can prevent data leakage. Every change in your web app should be explicitly tested.
  • Use site monitoring tools – Algorithms for analyzing behavioral factors will help you to monitor all requests, as well as to identify and qualify suspicious actions. Timely detection of threats will allow your team to react in time.
  • Carefully choose third-party services – SaaS is becoming increasingly popular because it makes application development easier and faster. However, you must ensure that the service provider you work with is trustworthy. Learn more about best countries to outsource software development.
  • Encryption of sensitive data – Even if somebody can gain access to your database, he will not be able to gain any benefit from the encrypted data.

Trend 4 – Blockchain

Despite the fact that the blockchain has lost some of its credibility due to the instability of cryptocurrency exchange rates, we have to admit that this technology has already entered our lives. And although this technology was first used in the field of desktop computers – the blockchain is confidently penetrating web.

Blockchain wallets have moved from native desktop applications to web applications. They are ideal for storing small amounts of cryptocurrency and offer improved usability. As web wallets continue to grow in popularity, you should also consider applying this area of ​​technology.

Another implementation of blockchain technology is called decentralized applications. A unique feature of such applications is the storage of server logic and database in the blockchain.

Obviously, the rush around the blockchain technology has already passed. But it only means that the time has come to begin serious development of powerful solutions that will be able to use most of the advantages of this technology. Maybe your project will be the next newsmaker?

Trend 5 – Progressive Web Applications (PWA) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google gives priority to web apps that load quickly on mobile devices. Thus, you should consider introducing PWA or AMP, which are unique technologies that reduce the load time.

Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a web page that reproduces a familiar mobile interface. This technology can work both online and with a poor internet connection and is relatively cheap. PWA supports interoperability by allowing users to enjoy the high-quality capabilities of applications without even realizing that they use them through a browser. E-commerce applications are a frequent example of using this technology.

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) works only for static content but loads faster than regular HTML. AMP skips all fashionable elements and displays only important information – text, images, etc. This approach is great for blogs and news publications.

Whether you need to apply any of these technologies depends on your particular case. However, you should start looking at these technologies right now. Along with improving the quality of the services provided, you have a chance to significantly increase your ranking in search results, boost sales, and provide a better user experience.

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