5 Ways to Make the Most of Affordable Bedroom Furniture

Most people can’t go out and buy the most extravagant furniture on the market. But the good news is you can still create a beautiful bedroom space, even if you don’t spend a fortune. When you’re sticking to affordable bedroom furniture, you just need a few tips to make the most of it.

1. Get the most for your money.

The first thing, of course, is to maximize your furniture budget. Start by choosing one of the best online furniture stores, like one from this list compiled by Newsweek and Statista. Look for discounts and coupon codes so that you can get high-quality furniture at an affordable price. By shopping the sales, you can get more or better bedroom sets and pieces for the same money you would spend otherwise.

2. Keep the furniture clean.

Once your new furniture is in your bedroom, be sure to keep it spic and span. Wipe down wood pieces regularly using a barely damp cloth. Make sure no water is standing on the furniture for long. A microfiber cloth is the perfect tool for cleaning the wood. Anytime you find a sticky spot on the wood, add a drop of mild dish soap to your cleaning solution. If you want it to gleam, rub on some semi-solid wax with cheesecloth. Let the wax sit a bit, and then buff it out with a clean cloth. This is how you can keep your furniture looking brand new in the long term.

3. Take care of accidents when they happen.

Life can be hectic. Accidents can happen. But whenever someone scratches, stains, or scuffs your beautiful new furniture, it can quickly begin to look like junk. So, deal with the damage right away. Clean away stains on an upholstered headboard by following the manufacturer’s directions. If you have a scratch on any of the furniture, try this simple method. Combine powdered pumice and mineral oil. Then, rub the mixture onto the scratch with an extra-fine steel wool pad.

4. Think hard about your furniture arrangement.

Before you rush to stuff your new bedroom furniture into your room, take a few moments to consider the room layout. Make sure to leave yourself enough space around the bed to move through your room and make the bed each morning without a hassle. Try out different arrangements with a room layout app. With your furniture well-positioned, it will look like everything belongs right where it is.

5. Dress up your room with exciting accessories.

Adding nice accessories will make your room look like a designer’s dream. Choose throw pillows for your bed, either coordinating colors in similar hues or high-contrast accent pillows to give it a pop of color. Put up art prints that set the mood you want in your room. Choose decorative lamps to put a finishing touch on your room design.

Even though you may be on a budget, you can still have a beautiful bedroom. Simply choose carefully, keep it looking great, arrange it well, and add elegant accessories. You’ll be happy with the results now and in the years to come.