6 Relaxing Games to Play After a House Move

So maybe you’ve just moved to your dream house at Lentor Mansion and are looking to relax a bit after arriving. Fear not- these six games are available to download and play, offering a laid-back experience to melt away the stresses of moving.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

A franchise known for relaxing gameplay, New Horizons is the latest installment in the series and can be played on the Nintendo Switch. Explore, build, and basically do what you like on an island filled with interesting characters.

A Short Hike

An adventure game that allows you to explore as much as you like, with the single goal of reaching a place to make a phone call. A Short Hike tasks you as a small bird in a park, which means there’s lots to see and observe.

Golf Story

Golf is one of the most relaxing sports available, and Golf Story takes it up a notch and presents it as a videogame. RPG mechanics will keep you playing and tweaking your character stats to chase that elusive hole-in-one. Golf Story is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Cozy Grove

The title alone should tell you that Cozy Grove is a laid-back game at its core. The life sim lets you camp on an island that’s ever-shifting and therefore the possibilities are endless. You wander about and help ethereal residents with little to no pressure.


Unpacking is exactly what the game is about- putting out items in storage to put in a room. It’s kind of like doing the same after a condo move but with music and very little pressure.

PowerWash Simulator

If washing things down and making them shiny again is relaxing for you, then you should give PowerWash Simulator a try. Spray down and clean various objects sans a score or time limit.