6 Ways to Place Orders for Cake Deliveries to Avoid Disappointment on the Day

Most people expect their cake deliveries to arrive on time and in one piece! While bakers who provide cake deliveries do everything in their power to ensure your delivery is a success, you can do your part too to avoid disappointment!

When offering cake delivery Melbourne bakeries have specific requirements so that they can fulfill your order efficiently and professionally. Keep reading to find out what they are PLUS other useful tips to ensure your cake delivery is a success on the day!

6 Ways to Benefit from Cake Deliveries to Avoid Disappointment on the Day

1. Pick Reputable Bakers Who Include Cake Delivery Services

Cake delivery services require a certain amount of skill and knowledge to ensure cakes reach customers timeously and safely. While there may be many professional bakers in Melbourne, they don’t all offer a delivery service.

Experience and expertise in the industry are important for building a reputable cake delivery business and you can find out more by reading their customer reviews. Most businesses include testimonials on their website or you can use Google Reviews for more information.

2. Orders Can Be Placed Online or In-Store

A user-friendly online store that is easy to navigate while placing orders for cake delivery gives you peace of mind that your treats will arrive as promised! When using an online store, make sure it allows you to pick the right item easily as well as the date of delivery to avoid confusion and disappointment.

In-store customer satisfaction is equally important so identify a baker who is well-known for their 5-star service. Find out if you can phone in your pre-orders as well to save you time and money. Work with bakeries who are willing to go the extra mile by offering exceptional customer service because they take your online or in-store order seriously!

3. Check Delivery Locations and Availability

Before going through the process of ordering cakes for delivery, make sure your chosen baker delivers to your area. Most bakers stick to their immediate surroundings to ensure your cakes are fresh on arrival at your front doorstep. Look for a store in your local area to get the best service possible.

Look for a store that operates seven days a week if you want your cake delivered on a weekend. Online stores that operate 24/7 are a bonus as they give you the convenience of ordering your cupcakes any time of the day or night!

4. Look for Stores That Bake for Occasions

If you want to buy a themed cake for a birthday party or treat someone to celebratory cupcakes in acknowledgment of an anniversary, you want something extra special! You can avoid a lot of disappointment by ordering a cake that matches the occasion.

If you’re looking for cakes for any of the following, make sure your baker is used to catering for such occasions, before placing an order:

  • Weddings
  • Halloween parties
  • Christmas
  • Pride days
  • Kids parties
  • Congratulations
  • Celebration days

Themed cakes take an occasion to the next level and even more so when it’s delivered to your front door on the day!

5. Place Orders on Time

Cake deliveries can only arrive on time if you place the order timeously. While other situations could prevent your treats from arriving when expected, delivery companies will do their utmost to avoid this from happening. The onus is on you to place your order in advance to prevent disappointment.

Online stores specify when orders must be placed for next-day delivery. Find out what the deadline is before placing your order so your cake arrives when it should. If you’re concerned about cake delivery not arriving when you need it, ask if you can organise in-store pick-up. Some online sites allow you to select this option.

6. Give the Right Address and Include Special Instructions

When placing an order for cake delivery it’s imperative that you give the right address the first time round! This prevents any misunderstanding between the customer and the delivery service and ensures your order arrives when it should.

Include special instructions if the driver needs to call you when arriving at your address or if they need a gate code to access your building or apartment. Find out if you can make a delivery time request with the bakery – not all bakeries offer this service so confirm with them first. 

Final Cake Ordering Tips

Some final tips!

If you have special dietary requirements, check that the baker can meet your individual needs. Not all bakeries can accommodate food allergies and intolerances and knowing this upfront will prevent a lot of disappointment.

Ordering a cake delivery makes life easier for you, especially if you work with a professional bakery that specialises in such services. Before placing an order find out what delivery charges are and if they offer free services within a certain distance. This allows you to budget accordingly so you don’t spend more than you can afford.

Now, order, dig in and enjoy!