Gin Rummy is an established card game that you can play with a number of iOS apps. In Gin Rummy players must form a hand by grouping cards into runs or groups to reduce their deadwood point value. Among the numerous apps you can play this game with is Best Gin Rummy. That is an app available for the iOS 6 platform or later on the iPhone and iPad.

What Does it Do?

This is an app that you can play Gin Rummy with. The app includes five premium variations of the card game: Gin Rummy, Gin 200, Hollywood Gin, Straight Gin and Oklahoma Gin. Players can play the card game against the CPU, which has three levels to select from. Note that it does not include any multiplayer game modes to choose from, which you might find with other alternatives. The app records all your games, scores and playing stats and keeps a record of them to add to online score in the Game Center. With this app players can also win prizes such as Amazon gift cards in its monthly contests.

Best Gin Rummy

When I first loaded this app, I had never played Gin Rummy before. It was a good thing that the app included a decent tutorial for the card game for beginners to flick through. The tutorial provides a good overview of how to play Gin Rummy and its rulings.

As a card game app, the potential for groundbreaking sound and graphics is always going to be a little limited. But Best Gin Rummy hardly has any notable sound. There is no music in this app, not even on its menu page. Card shuffling and button clicking are among the few notable sound effects included. Even though it’s a card game app, Best Gin Rummy could still have a wider range of sound effects.

The graphics in the game are better. The app has a clean, if somewhat basic, UI design. It supports high-definition graphics and has animations for card shuffling and dealing. However, it does not include any customization options to select alternative card suite designs or table backdrops.

TapScape’s Final Thoughts

With its tutorials Best Gin Rummy is a good app for beginner players to get started playing Gin Rummy. As a free app with monthly contests, it also offers decent value. However, it could do with multiplayer playing modes and enhanced sound. Click here to open its iTunes page.