7 Lesser-Known Rummy Facts

Rummy is a card game which is known for fun, excitement and thrill. Rummy is not the latest fad but has been a very popular card game since time immemorial. Rummy has many variations which are also very popular around the world. Undoubtedly, the online rummy game has become one of the most loved and played traditional skill games. But do you want to know some lesser known yet interesting facts about rummy card games? If you don’t know it yet then you have come to the right place. As a rummy enthusiast, you must know these epic facts about rummy card games.

 Exciting Rummy Facts

Here are some interesting facts about rummy

1.   Origin of Rummy

There are several theories about the origin of the rummy card game but there is no confirmed evidence about it. The origin of rummy is still unknown to people. Some historians say that it originated in Spain. According to RF Foster’s book the rummy card game was called Conquian, a similar version of Spanish origin played with a 40-card Spanish deck. Some believe that the Rummy card game was derived from the popular card games Bridge & Pinochle.

2.   The Chinese Relation

Another interesting fact about the rummy card game is that it is said to have an Asian origin. As per some theories, rummy is said to be a result of Kun P’ai game which is a variant of Mahjong. It is also said that WH WIlkison modified it as Khanoo (Chinese card game) in 1891. David Parlett who is a game scholar advocated that Conquian (Mexican game) is lineal to all the rummy card games.

3.   Different Variants of Rummy

Indian Rummy is more prevalent in India and has been played on occasions in India. There are more than 20 variants of rummy card games. All the variants of the rummy card game come with their own set of rules. Some of the popular variants of rummy are Gin Rummy, Oklahoma, Kalooki, 13-card Indian Rummy, Canasta, Rummy 500, 21-card Rummy, Strikes Rummy, Shanghai Rummy, Dummy Rummy and Rummikub.

4.   Use of Joker

Joker is one of the most useful cards in a rummy card game. Joker is said to have originated in the United States during the civil war. Soldiers used Joker as a trump card in the game called Euchre. In the late 1940s, two jokers in a pack became a norm in the Canasta game. From the 1950s, German and Austrian packs included three Joker cards in German Rummy. In Gin Rummy it is used as a wild card joker. The role of the joker card in a Eurich multiplayer game is considered as the highest trump or top bower. In the 13-card rummy game, printed joker and wild card joker cards are used to make an impure sequence.

5.   Improves Skills

Another important fact about rummy card games is that it is a skill-based game through which users can learn skills which are useful to them on a day to day basis. The game of rummy requires a player to meld their cards and arrange them in valid sequences and sets. Rummy is an engrossing card game where players have to use certain skills and strategies to win the game. Analytical and mathematical skills are the most important skills that are useful for a person. Not just analytical and mathematical skills but rummy games also help the person to improve observational and reasoning skills which are useful on a daily basis.

6.   Origin of the word Rummy

Rummy derived its name from the word Rum which means odd, unusual or strange. Rum is a commonly used word in the United Kingdom which means peculiar or odd. When this card game was introduced it was associated with the word Rum. The British viewed rummy card games as an unusual way of entertainment and when the game became popular, they named it Rummy. Some also believe that the name originated from rum which is an alcoholic drink. Other theories say that the game Rum Poker also contributed in the name of Rummy.

7.   Helps in Reading Mind and Multitasking

Rummy is one such card game that not only helps the person to improve skills but also helps in reading minds and multitasking. In a rummy card game, players are required to arrange cards in valid sequences and sets and discard those cards which are not required in the game. It helps the player in multitasking which is useful for a person on a daily basis. While playing the game players have to understand the moves of the opponents which not only helps in reading the mind but also helps in observing the moves of other players as well.


To suffice, rummy is an engrossing card game which has some interesting facts. Rummy card game is not only a source of entertainment but also helps the player with certain skills that are useful for an individual on a daily basis. If you want to have a dose of fun and entertainment then rummy is the best game for you. So, what are you waiting for? Download the rummy app – Rummy Passion and win huge rewards.