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9 Things iOS Developer should focus on in 2021



9 Things iOS Developer should focus on in 2021

Software development changes a bit every day. Especially in terms of app development, there are a lot of changes and new trends that come every day. This is why every developer should keep up with these trends and technological shifts.

 Top ios game developers are believed to be always working on and learning about these updates and changes. These shifts and trends are really spontaneous and can change anytime at all.

 But, there are a few things that the top ios developers and top ios game development agencies have pointed to be crucial in the coming years especially in the year 2021. If you work for an iPhone app development agency, here are 9 things you should focus on in 2021.

●     Swift UI

SwitUI is no longer the future of iOS development. It has already become the presence of iOS development. It is a hot topic among all the iPhone app developers in the world.

 The growth in the importance of SwiftUI in iOS is commendable. If you happen to have knowledge about SwiftUI, that really gives you an advantage when giving an interview for an opportunity with an iPhone app development agency.

●     Collection Views

Collection Views is something that Apple has been working on for years, now. At this point, it is safe to say that they have made significant improvements and have brought this to reality.

 Developers are really liking what Apple has done in iOS 14 especially in the collection Views layout.

 You can check out Apple’s Sample App for more details and find out about its latest features.

●     Instruments

Instruments tool is used by Best ios game developers to discover performance issues.

 It is a really simple and basic tool that every iOS developer should use in 2021. It is somehow still underrated and must be popular among all young developers.

 Instruments help to avoid performance issues and other poor performance characteristics like memory leaks.

●     Universal Apps

2021 is the year for this technology. Catalyst and SwiftUI have been our guide to making apps for iPhones & Mac for years.

 With Apple M1 Macs out, iOS apps can be natively run on macs.

 Now, despite a lot of failed results- it has become important that almost all the future apps be able to run on Mac just like they are on iPads & iPhones.

 The concept of universal apps is really a must learn for every iOS developer to stay updated with the technology.

●     And RealityKit

Apple glasses have been in talks again and might finally be coming true. 2021 might finally be the year.

 So, if you think from the supply-demand metric; people who can develop apps for the apple glasses when they are announced are going to get a lot of attention and will be required by almost every iPhone app development agency.

 Apple’s Augmented Reality frameworks are supposedly the base for that. It makes ARKit the perfect technology to learn right now. Clearly, it is one of the bets with a huge return ratio.

●     Core Data

Core old is an old framework now but it is still dominant in some aspects. It is still highly relevant.

 Significant resources of Apple have been invested into making Core Data easier and nicer. They even added the ability to sync with iCloud automatically in iOS 13.

 A lot of people used Core Data before NSPersistentContainer was added to it in iOS10. It is obvious that they didn’t like it then and have given up on it.

 But, if you are one of them or influenced by them- you must give it another try in 2021.

●     XCTest

Unit testing is something we must do and we always skip.

 There is a difference between knowing if something works or not and if something should work or not.

 Between the two, you must always pick knowing it. It leads you into meetings with confidence, answer client queries with confidence, and kills the self-doubt in you.

 So, in 2021- make it a staple to build a routine that includes tests in your development process.

●     Combine

It was released with iOS 13. The combine is somewhat similar and yet significantly different than RxSwift.

 Combine’s main selling point is that it’s a first-party framework.

 The combine is maintained and updated by Apple itself so it will stay relevant for long. It is clear that Apple has big plans to combine so why shouldn’t you?

●     Async

There is not complete information about it yet. But, it is definitely something big that is why every iPhone app development agency is talking about it.

 It is not even available in Swift yet. Some of its parts are bits and pieces are still under review.

 It might be the biggest new thing on this list. Most top developers would advise you to try your hands on it now so when it becomes

 I don’t know which Swift version will contain an official async/await release but you can experiment with the feature today if you’re using the latest Swift build.

 Async/await is going to significantly change how we write asynchronous code in Swift, and I’m super excited about it.

 If you want to follow along with its development, you can do so on the Swift forums where all reviews and pitches are published.