A Short Guide to Buying Residential Proxies

Here is a guide to help you choose from different proxy types, understand what they are, and buy one that suits your needs. 

Everyone says that you need a proxy or an IP, but you don’t truly understand what it does mean. You can choose from public, static, country, and residential IP services because most providers offer a wide range of solutions. 

If you need to purchase IPs, this guide should help you navigate the market and determine which one is best for you.

But first, let’s clarify what a public IP address is. It works similar to mailing addresses that allow requests to be sent from your Internet-connected devices with a return address so that websites can respond to your request. When you run an Internet search, you ask a website to show its content, and it responds by providing the information. The IP address tells the website information about you regarding the country where you live and other details that helps the site determine the language and pricing it should display. When you get an IP, you can lease it from three possible sources, a data center farm, a proxy provider, or an internet service provider. 

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How Can You Buy an IP Address?

As stated before, you can easily purchase one as long as you pick the source you prefer. You can contact your local internet services provider to get a residential IP, or you can contact a company specialized in offering residential proxy and choose one of their multiple solutions. Internet service providers can impose limitations in terms of how many IPs you can get for a single address. You cannot change or rotate it as long as you collaborate with the same ISP. 

You can also get an IP address from your cell phone service provider if they offer a 3G/4G connection, but it comes in the form of mobile IP. 

Proxy service providers have a more extensive range of products that suit diverse needs. Before looking for one, decide the type of IP you need, and then browse the market by filtering the results according to your preferences. It’s essential to hire a reputable provider to guarantee the service quality, so read reviews and ask former clients for reviews

How to Buy a Residential IP?

You can lease a residential IP from your local internet provider or from a service provider that offers IPs for a monthly subscription fee. It’s best to get a residential IP because it’s the strongest type of service and includes all the real IP features. The proxy provider’s reputation is the most crucial factor to consider in the process because it’s directly connected to their legality and performance. When you browse for one, pick the location you need to use it, and check the list of providers that work there. They determine how many IPs you need and the overall bandwidth they require. Some companies charge for the overall bandwidth used and not by the number of IPs you get. Make sure to compare the offers from different providers before buying one. 

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