iPhone 5S

What started off as a bunch of exciting news about the future of Jailbreaking just started to slow down with news that a A5 Bootrom Exploit doesn’t exist.

We heard various pieces of news that there was an OpenJailbreak project going on from P0sixninja that aims at making Jailbreaking easier and more accessible. In addition, we saw what appeared to be iOS 7 Jailbroken running Activator.

However, all this news got the community questioning as to if a bootrom exploit had been discovered to add ammo to this new direction of Jailbreaking, together with the new iOS 7 exploit.

a5 bootom exploit1

A5 Bootrom Exploit

But, it seems all this hype was just hype and MuscleNerd has chimed in to clarify that there is no A5 Bootrom exploit in existence, and in fact it’s not even close.

a5 bootom exploit

But it’s not all bad news. MuscleNerd was questioned if the lack of an A5 Bootrom exploit meant that Apple had won the cat and mouse game of Jailbreaking. Although the lack of an A5 Bootrom exploit leaves any hope of a permanent tethered Jailbreak like we have for the A4, MuscleNerd is hopeful that such a Bootrom dump will eventually happen.

It’s been a while since the Jailbreak team found a Bootrom exploit, that takes the Jailbreak hole into hardware, and is consequently harder for Apple to patch without bringing out a new device.

This doesn’t affect the fact that iOS 7 has already supposedly been Jailbreaken as we have already seen, so at least this is something to look forward to for when iOS 7 is released to the public, and consequently the Jailbreak is expected to be released.

Let us know what this news means to you. Is it significant in the Jailbreak game between the community and Apple – do we even need a Jailbreak for iOS 7? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.