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Birthed in Madison, Wisconsin, apartment rental listing site ABODO has been taking the stress out of the accommodation hunt since 2012. The web-based portal quickly grew and spread across the US, giving users access to detailed, localised searches based on user-determined criteria. As a mobile extension of their web presence, the ABODO Apartment Search app for iOS takes the original idea and puts it right at your fingertips wherever you are.

Before we get started with all the things that ABODO gets right, it’s important to mention one possible stumbling block: unless you’re on the lookout for accommodation in the US, you’re out of luck – ABODO covers North America quite extensively, but international users will have to look elsewhere.


For users who live in – or are looking to relocate to – one of more populous areas of the US, there is a lot to love about the ABODO Apartment Search app. The user interface is slick and stylishly implemented, and so easy to use that there is no need for any kind of tutorial or help guide. Fire it up and, once you’ve given it permission to access your location, the map is quickly populated with available rental listings in your area. ABODO will list all the nearby apartments at first, but a quick browse through the in-depth filter options lets you customize the search results to suit your needs.

The filters cover just about all the criteria an apartment seeker could need, instantly thinning out the search results and making things more manageable. Selecting one of the red markers on the map brings up a small preview – usually a photo of the property, the number of bedrooms and the price range – which then reveals the listing in full should you select it. As an alternative to the traditional map view, it’s no trouble to switch to a simple list of the search results with their preview image instead. The whole process is so straightforward, it’s a pleasure to use (credit julie). Listings are concise, neatly laid out, and include multiple sub-listings where necessary (in cases where there are different options within one complex, for example). A simple but most useful feature is the option to phone or email the landlord directly, without having to search for contact details.


If there’s one annoyance regarding the interface, it’s the way that the app keeps trying to refresh the listings while you’re busy scrolling across the map. It’s small complaint, but proves frustrating because you have to wait while it refreshes and then hit “OK” when the “No Apartments Found” message pops up, again and again. Also, as it stands, one might hope for a larger library of total listings, but that will surely change as more property management folks catch on.

Those minor niggles aside, the ABODO Apartment Search app delivers a useful tool for anyone in the market for a residential property to rent. With its clean style, user-friendly nature and attractive layout, this is an app which could significantly streamline the apartment hunting process.

(Please note, the ABODO Apartment Search app requires iOS 7.0 or later, and while it will work on an iPad or iPod it is optimized for the iPhone 5 variants.)