Air's app
Air aims to make the process of storing all your videos on the cloud much simpler.

With all the advancements in smartphones over the years, recording videos have become second nature. Whenever you’re out and about and see something noteworthy, you flip out your phone and capture it. With countless videos going viral everyday, video sharing doesn’t seem like it will slow down any time soon. But this does create some new problems.

To save space, phones revert back to lower quality video recording even if you have the capability of recording in 4K. What gives? It’s because a phone’s storage isn’t anywhere near enough to store the massive amounts necessary for a 4K video. So if you want to record 4K, you’ll have the headache of backing up much too frequently.

These are the problems that Air’s new app wants to tackle. Air is a startup that was featured at TechCrunch Disrupt last October. Though its been just over year since it was founded in early 2017, Air has accumulated a considerable amount of attention. Now, Air wants to solve the issue of recording video without loss in quality and without taking up too much space.

Air’s app does this with the help of the cloud. Instead of use your camera’s native app to record, you launch Air’s app and start recording. This allows Air to store the entire video on the cloud as soon as you’re done recording. It’s as smooth and streamlined as it sounds.

Though Air isn’t the first to think of the cloud for storing 4K media. Actually, one prominent name comes to mind immediately. Google Photos. Which is free if you’re a Pixel owner. So it seems unnecessary for another right? Well, you’re not entirely wrong. Google Photos, though it stores video, stores it very poorly.

Air aims to make a platform exclusively aimed at making video transcoding more efficient. When you want to view the videos on you Google Photos account, you have to go all the way to hell and back. Air makes the experience fluid and flawless, and playback is near immediate. This does come at a price though.

At $4.99 USD, it’s more expensive than Google’s $1.99/month for 100GB, or Apples $0.99/month for 50GB. You need to record a lot of footage to benefit from Air’s unlimited storage. That’s why Air is targeting this for all the parents who can’t keep their cameras off their kids. We’re very eager to see how that works out.