Alex Dee Discusses How to Build Productive Teams Hack – Vol 2

This works for all businesses! If you’re in marketing, consulting, or coaching, this applies even more to your field!

Founder Tax Hack – Gary Vaynerchuk – Disagreements with team members This is for running teams! You can bring in a chief financial officer to make sure they take care of your P&L and other parts where you see the best part for the things that may cause a negative P&L, you can founder Tax it! So, you let them do their work using their skills, but when you vehemently disagree, you founder tax it! Because you feel it will be good for the vision and the growth of your company! Because as I say, sometimes you have to zag and make a counter intuitive choice! And that’s what founder tax is for! Because you’re the one who knows the vision. So, let them do their jobs and protect. But you should founder tax the choices that move away from the vision!

Accountability Hack – Simon Sinek – accountability literally means to stand up and be counted! So, accountability means literally to stand up and to be counted on to produce what is required to get done! 

Business Hack – Tactical vs. Strategic – they no longer try to work in their business but try to build a business that works

Work Hack – well conceived game hack – e myth book – The work that we do is a reflection of who we are! Work itself is passive. It has no feelings or emotions. It’s once a person does the work that the ideas behind a person come to life. 

In the process the work you do becomes you, and you become the force that breathes life into the work. So, there’s no such thing as undesirable work, there’s only people who define such work undesirable. People who look at their work as a punishment of who they are versus seeing the work for what it is: a reflection of themselves and them bringing death to it. So if you were to hack that into getting people to do what you want for their jobs you have to realize that people do not buy into a job, we buy into an idea that idea is represented by standard features and helps them to create that idea and that feeling for the business represents. And a better word for this is people want the well-conceived game. And the game represents the idea of you the owner has about the world. If your idea is a positive one, then your business will reflect back into the world. Therefore, the degree that your people will buy into the business will be to the degree that your people and employees and team buy into your well-conceived game. And the idea of how well they do the game it’s based on how well you communicate that game to them at the beginning or outside of the game, not during it! Your team strategy is how you communicate this game to your team! 

Defining the Roles (DTR) Hack – Kris Vallotton – Building Teams Hack – – Destined to Win Book 

DTR – Defining the Roles – once you have a strong council of capable people that will help you become tremendously successful, it’s important to define the roles! The foundation of all relationships, whether personal or corporate, is trust. Trust is built when we create expectations that we fulfill! When we define our relationships with people, we give each other an honest assessment of what we can expect from each other! There’s no relationship that’s more important than to DTR than your Council Of Leaders (COL)!

Here are core values and relationship definitions that must be present for your COL to be fully actualized!

1. Everyone must carry a can of gasoline and a pint of water! The goal is to surround yourself with people who will pour gasoline on the fires of your dreams and drench the flames of your fears with water!

2. The team must cultivate a culture of honor! Honor doesn’t control the other person and has a high level of respect for one another when you disagree as well as agree!

3. The COL must intentionally draw out the deep things in God in each other and help to activate it in one another! Your default should be to discover, develop, and empower the gifts, callings, and anointings that are resident in each member of the team! And making sure everyone in your COL team has a sense of mutual accountability! But remember, accountability is giving an account for your ability, not for your disability! So, it’s not making sure someone doesn’t smoke! It’s making sure they are on fire!

4. Ownership is the key to successful exploits in life! “People tend to resist rust, which is forced upon them! People tend to support that which they help create!” When one person is doing all the thinking and carrying out all the tasks, that’s not teamwork, that’s monarchy! To reach your team’s full potential, you will have to develop plans with them, not for them! One way to do it is to offer your idea as a question! What do you like about it? Why won’t it work? And what I’ve discovered is good ideas will stand the scrutiny of faith-filled people, but bad ideas typically won’t! Also, it’s important when the team accomplished anything, the entire team gets the credit, no matter who came up with the idea! If we win, we win together. And if we lose, we lose together! Another thing is while everyone on team has an equal voice, not everyone has an equal voice all the time! Those who are better gifted in certain areas or leading that team will have more authority!

5. Being part of a team and making decisions means that nobody always gets his or her own way! Thus, it’s important you don’t let the I told you syndrome take root in your team! Two things here A) Present a united front to everyone your team is influencing and leading! B) Everyone on the team must do everything in his or her power to help the decision that was made by the team to succeed! Be clear when you are bringing people onto your team that you must have a united front even if everything doesn’t go their way! Some of them are so needy they want all the credit for everything, so they won’t be a good fit! Bring people on and test them out first!

6. Diversity is the key to success on any team! Bringing on people who think differently than we do is important but the primary reason we don’t do it is being uncomfortable! Remember, unity is not conformity. It’s a celebration of diversity! From Paul in the bible: For just as we have many members in one body and all the members do not have the same function, so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another! (Romans 12:4-5) We must create a culture where the members of COL don’t lose their identity for the sake of unity. Let your team know to have a high value of honor and value for one another, especially in the midst of diversity. It’s funny how when you ask people who they are, they tell you what they do! What you do is important, but why you do it and how is much more important!

7. Visionaries and administrators working collaboratively are necessary for success! Visionaries are the architect of your destiny. While administrators are the builders, get it done team! Just remember admin means add mission! To truly realize what’s been envisioned, you need admin who are on the same level of faith as the visionaries do, and we need the visionaries to heed the counsel of the administrators! There’s usually a lot of friction between these two so here is the best way to make it work. Have a meeting with the Visionaries and those they support them to flush out their ideas. Then have a meeting with the admin team. Send them away with building out a plan and coming back with questions. Then they propose how it can be done and ask the visionaries to prioritize the tasks created so they can get it built!!

8. Be proactive – great leaders proactively seek to build relationships with wise people! They don’t just wait for them to happen! So, I exhort you: make some wise friends and transform your destiny!