All that You Must Know About Erectile Dysfunction

Often many men are not able to perform better in bed during sexual encounter, as they cannot maintain firmness and also may not get sufficient erection which is needed during sex. It is often a big concern for men as their masculinity is often under question. 

Ever since medical researchers have discovered certain Cialis and a drug called Viagra, people have understood that such erectile dysfunction can also be treated.

However, often men may feel embarrassed to discuss this issue with anyone including their doctors, however following are few things that all men must understand:

  • Erectile dysfunction will be confirmed, if you consistently find it difficult to maintain erection or hardness of your genitals during sex.
  • This problem is not only medical but also psychological 
  • Main reason for this problem is that your nerves are unable to supply enough blood to your penis.
  • Abuse of drugs, alcohol or smoking can also be the reason for erectile dysfunction.
  • It can also be a hormonal problem 

There are few questions that men would like to get answer, if they are suffering from such problem, which has been answered in this short write up

1. Among Cialis and Viagra which will be better option?

FDA has already approved 4 drugs:

  1. Viagra which is sildenafil
  2. Cialis which is Tadalafil
  3. Levitra which is vardenafil
  4. Stendra which is avanafil

All these can help you get erection. Usually, Viagra must be taken just before you intend to go for sex and they may show their effects within an hour and you can maintain it for 3 to 4 hours.

However, Cialis can remain effective for as long as 36 hours. So, if you take it once then you need not take any pill before having sex for 3 days. 

2. Can proper dietary supplements treat this problem?

No, till now no evidence has been found by doctors or any other recognized sources that can support use of any dietary supplements like herbal pills for ED.

Also, FDA has not approved any such non-prescription alternatives to treat ED problem. 

3. Can vacuum devices help in maintaining erection?

There are few vacuum devices available which can help in producing erection in mechanical way for those who does not prefer to take any drug. 

Vacuum pump helps in the flow of blood and as a result, penis can get hard. However, due to lack of spontaneity using these vacuum devices many people do not find it really useful.  

4. Can surgical treatment help?

There are few surgical treatments too available, which can be considered as a last resort. They can use penile implants for those, no other option works well.

Another procedure known as vascular surgery can try to correct blood vessels but its recovery period may vary from person to person. However, success rate can be high 

5. Is there any exercise that can help?

Men can do few exercises for reducing erectile dysfunction without using any medication. There can be improvement within 6 weeks by doing few pelvic exercises.