Snapchat Filters

Snapchat is a new way to socialize online. Earlier, we used to have facebook, twitter, and Instagram as social networking apps. Snapchat is a unique app on the platform of social media.  It was really unexpected, the way snapchat rise rapidly in the social media mainstream.

Snapchat is being famous because of most of its features including snap filters, emojis, discover feature and many other. Here, we would like to explain how to use snapchat filters in detail.

Start with your first snap

Snapchat is widely spread in the term “Snap”. The app is designed for the purpose of sharing your feelings and mood via snaps with your friends.  These snaps can have many different filters as per the requirement.

Once you are done with the process of making an account on snapchat. You will then be presented on the front-facing camera screen, take your first snap on snapchat. On that screen, you will see a big round button to take a photo whether it is a selfie or normal snap.

If you wish to make a video, you can tap and hold on the screen.  After that, you can apply for many great lenses and filters. These lenses and filters are a big reason for snapchat popularity, especially in generation Z.

Adding effects of ‘Lenses’and filters to your Snaps

To have lenses and filters available on your screen, tap and hold on your snap. Some of the new icons in round shapes will appear on the right side. If you have a good internet connection, they will load fast. Make sure that your internet connection is fast if you wish to apply lenses or filters on your snap. These snaps are updated on regular basis. Apply and try different filters to see what you like on your snap. Once you see what filter you wish to have, apply your snap to your story.

Types of Snapchat filters and their uses

The filters on snapchat are used to enhance your selfie. This is the first selfie enhancing technology. All of these filters, you may have by swiping the right side of your picture. Once you take a picture on snapchat. The snap could be taken from front camera or selfie camera. Filters could be applied to both types of snaps. Some of the basic snapchat filters on snapchat used by majority users described below.

  • Brighten

Brighten your picture. Gives it a more clear effect.

  • Sepia

Gives a dim gold colour to your picture.

  • High Contrast

Add sharp colour to your picture.

  • Black and white

It gives your picture a memory look.

  • Speed, temperature, altitude and time overlay

This filter adds speed, could be used when you are taking pictures while driving

Temperature filter could be added if you are at extreme hot or cold temperature place.

Time can be added if you mention what time you took pictures. This filter helps you if you want to let people know what time you are at your location.

Other specific filters for videos

These filters are used for videos only. Tap, hold and swipe on the left side on the round circle mentioned to capture the snap to make videos on a snap chat app. These following filters could be added by swiping on the right side once you made the video.

  • Slow speed
  • Speed up
  • Super speed
  • Reverse


These filters are used for specific location or event, you are attending. When you are swiping on the right side to add a filter on your snap, you may find specific filters related to the current location or current event, you are at. Geofilters are based on the city you are in. it is possible to not get any specific geofilter if you at any rural area. The method to apply geofilter is the same as other filters. Interestingly, you also unlock Snapchat trophies after using this filter.

Popular lenses

It can be applied by tapping and holding up on your face that is on the camera screen. The lenses are used before taking a snap. Once you tap and hold on the camera screen, you will see the different options of lenses. Try different lenses and choose any one of them then take pictures.