The Amazon AppStore, which offers thousands of both free and premium Android applications, is arguably better organized than the stock Android Market. Unfortunately when Amazon launched the Appstore earlier this year, it was only available to North American users. Now it looks like Amazon is looking to lift that restriction.

Android users worldwide are now reporting that they have the ability to install the App Store on their mobile handsets and tablet devices. Most have been able to successfully login with their Amazon accounts and access service.

While the Amazon AppStore doesn’t offer nearly as many apps as the Android Market, it is certainly a viable option for those without Market access. Users looking to download the free app of the day may finally be able to do so outside of North America.

Those interested can find detailed instructions regarding the AppStore on

  1. why did Amazon launch the Appstore internationally without any official announcement? Maybe it’s because Amazon is testing the international release before an international launch this articles has a theory is that Amazon has a made a mistake and will rollback soon. or may be to see how to deal with pressure in the future. Perhaps it’s related to the upcoming Amazon tablet.

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