Amazon Muisic

Picking a music streaming service is now like choosing your partner, as it takes time for the service to understand your taste in music. Has playing music become so complicated? Not exactly but music streaming services perform curation, that is, analyze the type of songs you listen to, and suggest similar songs for listening.

In the process, you build a relationship, the service knows your taste, also, you add songs to your library and after using the service for a long time, it gets difficult to move to different service as not only does it take time for the service to understand you but also, you will need to move your library manually (one by one).

There are tons of music streaming services currently, from paid to free but picking one and sticking to it is very essential. So, which one should you choose? If you not an audiophile and if you pay for Amazon Prime, then you should definitely start building your relationship with Amazon Music.

Amazon Music has been around for sometime now but it’s just recently that, the service started growing. The plans it offers in the United States are a little complicated but they are on-par with its competitors. Ok, you listen to music only during your commute or when you are bored and don’t care about finding songs from various unpopular-unknown but great artists, then the free Amazon Music that comes with the Prime subscription is perfect for you.

Amazon bundles free music with Prime package but it limits the number of songs (catalogue) to just 2 million songs but it packs most of the top songs. Definitely, Spotify’s free plan sounds much more interesting as it packs around 30 million songs but the experience is bad with ads around and not on-demand playback.

Spotify and Apple Music go head-to-head

Amazon also offers Prime Unlimited which  offers 30 million songs on par with Spotify for $9.99/mo. But if music is very important to you, then you should take a look at Apple Music or Spotify which offer a better catalogue and a better experience compared to Amazon’s offering.

Amazon scores big with it’s free offering it packs with the Prime subscription. Especially in India, as it offers its whole catalogue with Prime, without requiring a separate “Unlimited” subscription.