An Introduction to Kiriko The New Best Support? 01

Overwatch 2 introduced many changes to the game compared to its predecessor. One of these changes is the addition of Kiriko to the roster of playable characters. Following the conclusion of Overwatch 2’s beta testing, she was the first playable Overwatch character to be revealed and the first to be made accessible through a battle pass unlock.

Kiriko is a healer ninja who receives assistance from her kitsune ghost. She can use kunai to fight her adversaries or Suzu to protect her allies. She is close friends with the Shimadas. She also had early training from Genji and Hanzo.

She is a supporting character who specializes in healing and buffing her allies. Kiriko is a relatively new addition to the game, and as such, her competitive viability still needs to be discovered. However, platforms like igitems say she has already shown herself to be a strong support character in quick-play, and it is reasonable to expect that she will be just as strong in competitive mode.

Kiriko’s Abilities:

Passive Ability, Primary and Secondary Weapon

Healing Ofuda are talismans that Kiriko uses to heal her teammates. Kiriko can shoot up to ten healing projectiles. Ofuda is a single target heal; the closer you are to your team members, the longer it will take to heal them. Blue talismans that focus on allies and turn yellow when they heal are used to heal Ofuda.

Kunai, Kiriko’s primary weapon (Secondary Fire), is a knife projectile she launches at foes to deliver more critical damage. These weapons work well with the attacks of ally heroes; friendly players can harm adversaries, and Kiriko can eliminate them with a devastating headshot. Kiriko’s maximum damage is constrained because she is a supporting character, even though this weapon can pierce foes for critical damage.

Wall Climb, Kiriko’s passive ability, enables her to climb walls. Kiriko also possesses a unique mobility skill.

Swift Step

Kiriko’s teleportation can pass through walls, unlike Mercy’s ultimate ability, which requires players to be in her line of sight for her to fly to them. When teammates begin to flank, Swift Step can be used to heal them so that the flanked path can be taken. Players of Kiriko need to have a solid understanding of Swift Step’s cooldown because it can be pretty damaging to teleport there without having enough time to recover the ability and teleport back.

Protective Suzu

Protective Suzu is a protective charm Kiriko throws to temporarily render teammates invulnerable and cleanse them of most harmful effects. Kiriko’s Protection Suzu can mitigate harmful impacts like Sombra’s hackability and the restoration-negating splash of Anna’s potion. However, Kiriko’s ability isn’t destructible and doesn’t endure as long as Baptiste’s Immortality Field, Protection Suzu, seems comparable to Baptiste’s. If they want to keep their allies alive and engaged in the battle in Overwatch 2, players should deploy this protective aura on colleagues who have fallen victim to adverse effects.

Ultimate: Kitsune Rush

The fox spirit Kiriko summons in her ultimate move, Kitsune Rush, speeds up its movement, attack speed, and cooldowns as well as those of any allies it encounters. Similar to Lucio’s speed boost, Kitsune Rush has more human characteristics. With the emphasis on increasing attack speed, Kiriko players in Overwatch 2 can profit from employing Kitsune Rush as either an offensive or defensive ability.


Overall, Kiriko is a strong support character who can easily keep her allies alive and buff them with her powerful abilities. She is an excellent choice for any team looking to get an edge in a competitive match. She is a versatile hero who can significantly damage her enemies while remaining elusive and hard to take down. She is a valuable asset to any Overwatch 2 team. Indeed, Kiriko’s character will be loved by many players, be it in competitive mode or just in quick play.