android key lime pie features

android key lime pie featuresYesterday, we established that Google are preparing to unveil the highly anticipated Android Key Lime Pie mobile software – otherwise known as Android 5.0.

Google’s annual 2013 I/O conference on May 15th is fast approaching, and so potential Android Key Lime Pie features have been suggested, rumoured and guessed at by fans and media alike.

5 Android Key Lime Pie Features We’d Love

Nobody has certain knowledge regarding the features Google will bless their latest version of Android with. So, we’ve compiled five of the best suggested Android Key Lime Pie features from across the internet, in the hope that some of them may just make the cut.

1. Improved Video Chat
In response to Apple’s age-old FaceTime feature, Google need to include an improved built-in video chat system within the Android Key Lime Pie features. We’d love to see Google go out on a limb and add some unique features and abilities t their video chat system.

2. Universal Message Aggregation
We all enjoy using multiple messaging services. Email, Text, Instant Messaging, Social networking messages, and so on. Andorid Key Lime Pie would benefit from a universal message aggregator, where all your mesages are displayed in one, easy to view application.

3. Multi-Screen Mode
With Android screens coming in larger and larger sizes, there really is room for split screen mode. Currently Samsung is flying ahead with this feature, but a native player in Key Lime Pie is surely on the cards. After all, competitor operating systems don’t seem to have it yet.

4. Menu & App Sorting
Some menus in Android are pretty long already, especially the Settings menu, and with Key Lime Pie bringing more features, it’ll only get longer. Google should look into allowing users to sort menus by alphabetical or usage order, much like many phones let you do with your apps homepage. It’ll save time, improve customization and save you straining your finger when flicking the screen up too hard in an attempt to get to the About Phone option and check for Android updates.

5. A ‘Never Update’ option for Apps & Software
We can sometimes fall in love with an app, but when it gets updated, the changes can make it almost unrecognizable. Being able to permanently turn off app updates in Android 5.0 will allow you to have all the apps & softwares you love, and be able to update the rest automatically without having to worry about your favourite ones changing to a form you’re not so happy with.

So there you have it, five Android Key Lime Pie features we want to see Google unveil at this years annual I/O conference in May.

Are you looking forward to Google’s latest Android update? What Android Key Lime Pie features would you like to see? Share your ideas in the comment section below!

  1. #1 is already there, #2 would be annoying, #3 is something google will leave to third parties, #4 i don’t even understand, and #5 is dumb. just don’t update your apps and they wont update, or turn off automatic updating

  2. 1 – Return Mass Storage Mode option. It should still be a choice especially for devices that still support SD cards.

    2 – Disable update prompt for system. If for some reason I don’t want to upgrade, let me stop getting nagged.

    3 – Restore the AOSP browser. Chrome can be a choice to download if you want, but don’t force me to use it.

    4 – Work with Adobe to restore and fix Flash for mobile. Again, it should be an option.

    5 – Make Gmail look and act like the iOS version.

    6 – Get rid of the “blurry” look with gray font you’ve got going on in Jelly Bean.

    7 – Do NOT force Google+. Let it be a downloadable option if you want, but that’s it. That includes leaving reviews of apps WITHOUT forcing a Google+ account.

    8 – Google Authenticator should be built into the device better. If I open Chrome or Gmail or whatever and it needs the key, it should be able to API through to get the key from Authenticator. You already do this when I’ve set up the device with a Google account, do the same with the Authenticator app.

    9 – Separate Google Voice Search from the Google Now interface. Let me do Google Voice Search directly from the Chrome window EXACTLY like iOS has it.

  3. I know G+ and gtalk have video but #1 is important, it should be as easy as making a phone call and built into the os. #3 is also an os-level feature and so should not require an app.

  4. emoji’s, yes they are stupid but it will open the market for teens, and you can say that youth determine popularity since those not in their youth still want to act like they are so they try to get the same stuff they do. (ex- smartphones) and a refinement of the 360 shot

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