Android vs iOS Gaming What’s the Difference?


There are pros and cons to both operating systems. You need to identify your priorities and make a decision from there. There are key comparison points that make the decision easier.

1.  Variety of Games

There’s no shortage of variety from all the major game developers on either platform. The Apple Store sometimes gets games before Android users. To balance that, the number of games available on Google Play is vast.

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So, in the battle of Android vs iPhone games, who wins? According to the expert Peter Deli, if you’re after variety and accessibility, go with Android. If you’re only interested in games by the major developers and don’t mind spending some money, iOS is for you.

2.  Quality

The big difference here is a quality versus quantity one. iOS users have access to good-quality games. Google Play has a massive number of games available, but many of them are full of glitches and unplayable. Games that come from the big developers run smoothly on both platforms.

Choose Android if you don’t mind taking the good with the bad. You can find gems. If you’re okay with missing out on some indie-games, then go with iOS.

3.  App Deletion

Apple has been deleting apps, including game apps, for some time. Google rarely deletes an app unless there is pressure to do so.

If you’re worried about your favourite game disappearing, stick with Android. Unless the developer discontinues it, it’s going to be around for a long time.

4.  Game Affordability

In general, iOS users spend more on apps than Android users. Google is all about accessibility, so there’s a lot to choose from that’s free. When there is a cost, that’s due to the developer. Games from the major developers will set you back the same amount on either platform. And, as any gamer knows, to access features in most games, you’ll need to spend real money.

5.  User Experience

Research and experience show users have more seamless gameplay on iOS than Android. This relates to development processes in the gaming industry. It’s easier to develop for Apple than for Google. This is because of the sheer number of devices using the Android operating system.

Playing games from the major developers gives you a similar experience on iOS or Android. It’s when you’re playing indie-games that you’re likely to run into glitches.

If you choose to go with Android, be prepared. You will encounter crashes and bugs. Those issues are rare on an iOS device.

6.  Device Cost

Price is a consideration worth taking stock of when buying a device. The iPhone is attractive, but it comes with a hefty price tag. The same is true of some of the major Android brands.

There are so many options with Android. You can get something that does the job at a fraction of the price. It might not be beautiful, but that’s okay. If you’re playing games on a lower-end Android device, you’re likely to experience glitches.

7.  Battery Life & Charging

Until recently, Android outperformed iOS in this area. Both offer power-saving modes, but Android provides easier customisation for how this works. As a norm, Android phones also offer fast or wireless charging. Newer iPhones give the same, but in some cases, you have to buy an adaptor.

Those are the reasons why Android is better than iPhone when it comes to battery.


If the price isn’t a concern, iOS is going to give you a smoother gaming experience. You may have as much variety as an Android user, but you will have access to the best games out there. If you’re on a tighter budget, Android is the right choice. You’ll also get a fantastic variety of games to choose from.