Apex Legends Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Apex Legends is currently the hottest battle royale video game on the planet. It is a new video game, and many gamers are still figuring out how to play it best. It has an in-game tutorial, but that doesn’t provide you with enough skills that you need to stay in the game for long and level up.

Just like in any other battle royale video game, speed is crucial in Apex Legends. The below tips will help you survive for long, save your team, and move faster in Apex Legends. Apex Legends is not like any other battle royale video game. It emphasizes teamwork. Here are some of the Apex Legends stats tips that every player needs to know to make the game more fun.

Playing with a pro

The best way to learn how to play Apex Legends is to have a pro on your team. There is no way that all your team members can be new to the game and still expect to survive on the battlefield for long. You need to have at least one person in your squad who knows how the game works. This person should lead the team and share tips and strategies on how you can beat your opponents.

Apex Legends is still new. Finding a pro to play with is not easy. Luckily, Legionfarm has found a way for the Apex looking for a group play to play with the top 0.01% Apex Legends players. They are highly skilled and helpful teammates that will share with you some tips that you won’t get anywhere else. If you want to finish your gaming sessions with satisfaction, you should play with Apex Legends LFG.

Choosing a legend

Apex Legends, just like many other battle royale games, has several playable characters. It has 12 characters, and you can choose the legend of your choice, depending on your hobby and skills. Bangalore and Wraith are the best characters for gamers who like guns blazing. The Lifeline character is the best for battle royale gamers that like playing the healer role. Bloodhound and Gibraltar are the best choices for cautious battle royale players. No matter the legend you chose, you will be picking up and using the same gear as your teammates and opponents.

Tips for landing and looting

The third person in a team to choose a character is automatically designated as the Jumpmaster. This player chooses the landing location. You may disagree with the jumpmaster for some reason, especially if the location is a barren area where you are less likely to find gear. Whether you agree with the jumpmaster or not, you should avoid the temptation to go your own way and separate from your team.

Splitting from your team makes it weak and increases the chances of an early demise. An organized squad is more likely to kill you, and you may lack someone to revive you. If you don’t want to land next to your teammates, the best that you can do is to wait until you are close to the ground. Waiting until you are close to the ground will help you land within a short run from your teammates and make it easy for you to reunite.

You don’t have to lead your troop if you are not willing. If you are not willing to take responsibility, hit the prompted button during the countdown after character selection to pass the task to the person who picked second.

If you are still new to the game or don’t want to land straight to the action, you should stay in the dropship for long to be able to land on the outskirts of the map. Landing on the outskirts of the map will give you enough time to loot and learn what every gear does. You will also be landing close to one or two troops that are less likely to attack you immediately.

If you are not a beginner and have already learned about how the game works, you should consider landing on the supply ship. The supply ship icon that you will see when dropping onto King’s Canyon indicates the final destination of the supply ship. It is the best landing point for players who want to loot more gear within the shortest time possible.

When landing on the supply ship’s final destination, be ready for a hot fight since more of your enemies will be here also competing for the high tiers of loot.

Apex Legends does not have fall damage. Once you grab a high tier weapon, you should jump from the ship immediately. Because other players may be landing on the supply ship too, you should consider jumping from the ship as soon as things start heating up to avoid dying in your first few minutes in the game.