apple app store is down

Some users are currently experiencing problems when trying to log into their accounts using their Apple IDs. Some iTunes and App Store login attempts are being greeted “FATAL::Unable to process your request. Please try again” and not allowing users to authenticate with Apples’ servers.

The ongoing issue seems to have started last night and is currently flooding the Apple Support Community Forums with multiple users reporting similar issues across the globe.

One user highlights that the issue seems to persist after a password change and on different devices:

I keep trying to sign on to my itunes but says FATAL:: Unable to process request. Please try again. I’ve tried from my mac and ipad and same thing. I’ve changed my password too and still the same.

Apple ID Login Issue

Interestingly, Apple’s system status page doesn’t acknowledge that there are any issues, but apparently Apple Care representatives are aware of an issue when trying to login to the App Store or iTunes. According to other sources, users are sometimes alternatively presented with: “This Apple ID cannot be used for the iTunes Store. Please enter another Apple ID.”

The issue doesn’t seem to be restricted to a particular location, or device, with users and devices that are being reported widespread across the globe and Apple’s product range.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any fix currently, and with Apple not officially acknowledging the issue, it may not necessarily mean a fix will be coming quickly. Of course it could probably just be a server-side issue which Apple are busily working on behind the scenes to resolve.

Are you experiencing the problem with logging into the App Store or iTunes? Let us know in the comments section below, and be sure to include your location and the device you’re attempting to use.