According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is currently in “preliminary talks” with Foursquare to try to add social data to Apple Maps. Foursquare accumulates massive amounts of data from users and even though Foursquare does not have its own mapping service, it has the data that Apple desperately needs for their map cloud service.

When Apple launched Maps, the app was servilely flawed because of the lack of data on the system, resulting in poor routing and image development. Many users voiced their complaints and the internet hit the maps app hard for inaccuracies. Many experts on mapping services have said that Apple will be able to make a great mapping app, but they need more time and data.

With Google Maps now on iOS and over ten million downloads since its arrival a few days ago, there isn’t much time left for Apple to really make something of their maps. This may be why they have went to popular social app Foursquare, for some quick user data.

We are unsure whether Apple is looking for data or a mapping company to takeover. Foursquare is more of a social company then a mapping one, but the technologies they have available could bolster the maps app for Apple. According to the source, Apple are talking to more than one company.

In Australia, police had to warn customers of Apple products not to use the Maps app, due to the app putting the user in life threatening situations. This is just one of the many criticisms that Apple is trying to iron out. Right now, the only thing Apple has that could draw users back is integration with the phone.

Tim Cook had to apologize for the poor app and Scott Forstall resigned from Apple. Forstall was the working on iOS software and we can only see this problem having something to do with his move from Apple.