Will Apple announce the iPhone nano or iPad 5 at CES 2013? Assuming those iThings even exist, no. Here is a quick study of how the world’s most valuable company will dominate the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 without a booth let alone officially setting foot in Las Vegas. Ready for Apple at CES dish? Step inside, my friend.

Apple doesn’t participate in trade shows, though you shouldn’t be surprised if you hear whispers of Apple badged employees walking the halls of CES 2013. What you won’t see, however, is an Apple booth or other official corporate presence.

Nevertheless, Apple’s latest innovations, both real and imagined (especially the latter), will be the talk of the show even though the company never has and probably never will display let alone announce anything at CES.

What will the peeps be saying? On the Mac front, Retina MacBook Pro and Air updates are coming in June, timed to coincide with Apple’s annual developer confab, WWDC. Given the company’s notebook design leadership, pretty much every competitor with an ultraportable or super hi-res display computer at CES will be trying to ride Apple’s coattails — think smack talk and meaningless bullet point comparisons.

Even though the iPhone 5S isn’t expected until at least until mid-year, Apple’s current and imagined smartphones will be on everyone’s lips. For example, look for carmakers (i.e. General Motors, BMW, etc.) and audio equipment vendors to be showing, teasing and, of course, leaking details about iPhone-flavored tie ins.

iPad Mini 2 Rumors

The big Apple news not out of CES is sure to be about the iPad mini 2 rumors and iPad 4 (S?), both of which are thought to be coming in March. That said, iPad case and peripheral makers will be dishing boatloads of rumors and hype — beware vaporware that looks too good to be true.

Lastly, component, peripheral or add-on makers (and their proxies) at CES with Apple tie ins will be shilling “knowledgeable,” “supply chain” and “insider” rumors in order to boost their profile and/or pump up their share price — look for a LOT of this kind of (*cough*) marketing.

Ready for Apple at CES? Best set your bovine scatology detecter on high…

What’s your take?

  1. Given Apple do not actually have a booth at CES 2013, it’s all about the other companies. They won’t be focusing or even mentioning unreleased Apple products, it will be companies touting their own products that are trying to compete (or arguably keep up) with Apple’s current product portfolio. I don’t think Apple will play any part of CES, it’s not their show anymore. It will all be about Windows 8, Ultrabooks, and TV’s.

    Why would companies rumour about upcoming (unconfirmed) Apple products, that would undoubtedly take the focus on what they’ve come to show off?

  2. Nice trolling. I suggest you re-read the article and my comment.

    “think smack talk and meaningless bullet point comparisons” – This is exactly what I am saying WILL NOT happen, unless of course a company doesn’t know how to market. Companies that are dominant can poke fun at each other (Google with Android, and Amazon with the Kindle) but people like ZTE, Huawei, and even Samsung will be digging their own grave if they “smack talk” Apple.

    I reemphasize my point – Noone will mention anything Apple whether released or not. It will be the news sites that make the comparison, not the manufacturers.

  3. >> “think smack talk and meaningless bullet point comparisons” – This is exactly what I am saying WILL NOT happen

    Smack talk, like calling someone a troll? And, you’ve been to dozens of trade shows, hmm?

    >> unless of course a company doesn’t know how to market.


    Read for meaning, nimrod.

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