Still on the fence when it comes to the AT&T and Verizon debates? This time around, a glaring issue with the Verizon edition of the iPad 2 may give users another reason to go the AT&T route.

According to reports, Apple has admitted that a “small number” of Verizon iPad 2 users are having connectivity problems. This became apparent when the Apple message boards became overloaded with complaints of users being unable to connect to Verizon’s 3G network.

Apple noted that they were in the process of investigating the matter and, in typical fashion, did not say much more than that.  Apple was also unsure of how many Verizon compatible iPads may be affected with the glaring problem. Verizon offered no comment on the matter.

The issue seem to initiate after people turn the device’s connection off. When users try to turn connectivity back on, they are unable to successfully connect to the Verizon network.

If the issue becomes a widespread problem for Verizon users, it could potentially become more fodder for AT&T commercials — the two cellular giants have been exchanging blows to each other for years now.

  1. It’s not not an issue of AT&T vs Verizon. Verizon is superior to AT&T on almost all parameters. It is just a sad reminder that when companies (Apple) get cocky their products start to slip.

  2. It’s not not an issue of AT&T vs Verizon. Verizon is superior to AT&T on almost all parameters. It is just a sad reminder that when companies (Apple) get cocky their products start to slip.

  3. um no… im pretty sure your way off base with that one dude this clearly sounds like a verizon “NETWORK” issue… open your eyes and see whats there verizon isnt perfect noone or anything is. You fanboys will see soon enough the fall of apple is coming.

  4. fallofapple, if it can connect to the network originally it isn’t a network issue. it sounds to me clearly to be a software bug.. verizon is not perfect but they are well known to have the strongest network with least problems and have many other devices on the network with no problems. apple is not cocky, they are just running into the same problems everyone else does, rushing to push a product out and increasing complexity of design. i’m sure they will fix it in a software update, but what’s cocky is that they dont ever offer more details and are not apologetic enough or responsibe enough when they clearly have made a mistake. their antenna-gate response was the epitome of that, hopefully they learned their lesson

  5. Stop trying to make this problem sound bigger than it is. Also, I’m sure these message boards that have become, in your words, “overloaded” with complaints have also mentioned a temporary work-around.. Simply reboot the device! Imagine that.. A tablet PC acting like a regular PC.. While it may be mildly inconvenient, its hardly any reason to jump from Verizon to AT&T.. You’d be going from a company known for its network reliability to a company known for the exact opposite..

  6. I agree that Verizon is far superior to ATT, but don’t think its necessarily arrogance, probably a firmware/software glitch since it only happens once in a while. Since its occurring during specific sequence and not randomly per se it smells like software

  7. Yawn,
    I have one of the defective Verizon iPads and it is much more then “simply rebooting the device”. You have to clear all the hardware and reset all factory settings every single time you turn on/off cellular data. If I’m spending almost 1k on a device, it better well work. Much more than mildly inconvenient! Please do your research before making uneducated comments on something you know nothing about.

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