This string of “bad luck” began when MCX CurrentC partners turned off NFC in order to block both Apple Pay and Google Wallet users. Then people started reading the MCX terms of service, which gives the Walmart-backed payment service access to your health and bank information.

Really? MCX says people shouldn’t worry, but another bit of “bad luck” struck today — hackers broke into MCX’s cloud-hosted database and stole user email addresses.

Re/Code has the MCX CurrentC tale of self-inflicted pain and woe.

“Within the last 36 hours, we learned that unauthorized third parties obtained the e-mail addresses of some of you,” reads an MCX CurrentC email to customers.

Earlier MCX insisted, nay, bragged that its cloud-based payment would, by definition, be more secure than competitors (aka Apple Pay and Google Wallet).

The funny thing about Apple Pay (iPhone) and Google Wallet (Android) users/fans is that they have disagreed about everything. Until, that is, MCX shutdown NFC scanners across the United States.

CurrentC: On Borrowed Time?

What about those MCX CurrentC customers? They were hand selected beta testers — CurrentC won’t launch until at least 2015. Given the well deserved roasting they’ve been getting from the media and public, look for the CurrentC rollout to be delayed.

Pretty much everyone agrees that Apple Pay and Google Pay are superior to CurrentC, at least as presented so far. If that weren’t enough, MCX has shown definite inability to manage their boneheaded opposition to Apple Pay…

What’s your take?