Forgive me, Google, for I have sinned. I have tasted Apple’s forbidden iOS fruit and liked it — more than a little in fact. Yes, fellow fandroids, there is an iOS feature or three you would like to see on Android. How could it be otherwise? Google and Apple regularly “borrow” from each other.

Android is the sum of its parts, a good thing that satisfies about 80 of the world’s smartphone buyers. Regardless, there are iOS features that Google hasn’t yet copied from Apple (and vice versa). With that in mind, Reddit’s Android community recently faced facts and publicly confessed which iOS features they like most.

Here’s a quick run down of those enviable iOS features for your consideration:

• More iOS like app store permissions. That is, be able to turn off individual app permissions, like notifications and location, rather than Google’s all or nothing approach.

• The option to backup the full device, including both apps and settings

• Naturally, users would love, loVE, LOVE IT if carriers would push Android updates to them faster and more often. Because updates are often late or missing, Android accounts for over 95 percent of mobile malware

• Lastly, many users are envious of Apple’s simple yet powerful camera and request that Google provide decent camera in Android. For real, man, the iPhone takes better pictures no because of superior hardware, but rather superior software and integration.

What iOS features would you like to see in the next version of Android? What hardware features of the iPhone or iPad would like in your next Android phone or tab?

Sound off in the comments below…