If you’re in the market for an iPhone 5S then you’ll know just how difficult it has been to get one. The iPhone 5S sold out in record timehaving not been offered up for pre-order at release date. It seems that whilst it was thought this was a purpose move by Apple to make their iPhone 5S appear more premium than the cheaper iPhone 5C, it was in fact just due to overwhelming demand for the device.

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According to recent reports, it seems Apple is about to shift the balance of production by reducing iPhone 5C orders from its suppliers by 35 percent. This is in addition to the iPhone 5S production being apparently boosted by 75 percent in order to cope with demand.

The report indicates:

While the fate of the iPhone 5c is still to be determined, the iPhone 5s is doing quite well, indicating that Apple still has a strong hardcore base for its premium devices. It is worth mentioning that iPhone 5 production is scheduled to end Q3 2013; iPhone 4s’s end of life is still to be determined, as it still receives orders of 1 to 2 million units per month and only recently started selling in Indonesia.


iPhone 5S showing improvement?

Currently the iPhone 5S is showing shipping times of 2-3 weeks, down from the original estimate of the rather broad October time frame. Consequently, it seems that the ratio change of orders from the suppliers has already begun to take effect, although nowhere near to the extent that consumers, and I’m sure Apple, would like to see.

With the iPhone 5S soon to beavailable in even more countries, now is the time more than ever to focus on resolving the iPhone 5S stock issues.

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