Apple latest OS “iOS 9.3” and Androids latest version named “Android N” have recently developed. If you ask people what brands of mobile phones there are, they’re likely to list Android and iOS (Apple) before any other phone brand. These brands are developing a new OS for their systems, designed to be more secure; but which one is better?

iOS 9.3

Apple attacked first; launching their iOS 9 during their convention last June, but they’ve been busy fixing bugs that keep crashing iOS devices. Within these updates; iOS officially decided to release their project in May of this year (2016). Now, Apple has a program that offers people chances to fix bugs through point updates.

Android N

Google surprised their community (according to Android Origin) with the development of their application “Android N” in March. It features a ton of big changes, including shifts in the overall UI of your phone. The final, completed edition will be released in the third quarter of the year.

What Changes Were Featured By iOS 9 and Android N?

iOS 9.3

Apple didn’t really implement a lot of changes for their OS, mostly just 3D Touch functionality. The biggest overall effects on the software are based mostly around refining their creation and developing a better platform for the software.

Android N

Moving from Lollipop to N involves several big changes. Android N focuses on enhancing the design of apps, notifications, settings, and more (Google plans on releasing incremental amounts of information until Android N is released).


The new iOS boosts security further than ever to block content or ads that mark your location and store your cookies on Safari. Cloud 2 Factor Authentication adds a little extra security to the mix as well.

Comparatively speaking, Google and Android N are implementing their own security measures to prevent OEM’s and other carriers from tracking your phone. This one step alone is supposed to have an impact on Android N devices by providing similar levels of security no matter the market that they’re in. They also added more enforcement of Verified Boot to make it easier to enforce your privacy.

Other Features to Consider

You’ll love the 3D touch feature on the new iOS 9. You’ll also love switching cards, and the new features that let your batteries last longer on a charge. Look for seamless updates to make using your phone easier. Plus, Google users will get more multi-window options, a new and improved “doze mode” and lots of other features.

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