Apple Device Disconnecting

Apple Device DisconnectingHave you ever noticed that when you connect a power supply to an apple device it produces an audible alert which confirms the apple device is charging. But why doesn’t it produce another audible alert when the power supply is disconnected from the apple device? Surely this would serve the same purpose to make the user aware that the connection is disconnected?

This consequently causes some problems to some apple users. As in the case of the connection being disconnected for some reason or another, then the user goes to leave for a day out, and the apple device isn’t charged, this could cause some serious problems if the apple device is the only means of communication.

Similarly, if the apple device is plugged in and connected to the power supply, but the USB cable is old and the connection in the cable is not very good (as some do over time). It may disconnect if the cable gets wiggled or bumped, so having an audible alert telling the user that the connection has disconnected will be useful because it would prevent the problem of getting ready to go out for the day and not finding out you don’t have any charge on your apple device.

Whatever problems you have from the lack of audible alert from the disconnection of a power supply; they are now solved by the new cydia tweak! Assuming your apple device is jail broken there is a tweak from cydia called “UnPower”, and its only function is to audible alert you when th power supply is disconnected. The tweak itself is about as simple as it gets. There’s no settings or anything to configure. Once you’ve downloaded it, it automatically goes to work. And each time you unplug your device, either from the wall or your computer, you’ll hear a brief audible tone.

Of corse this is not a necessity for everyone but it is useful to have as a little extra just in case the power does accidentally disconnect. This tweak is very simple, and easy to install, and you can find the tweak in cydia, in the Big Boss Repo for free.